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Automatic playback switch automatically play [information] Fourcade defending two winter 12.5 km chase loading ..; Tencent sports February 23rd hearing Pingchang Winter Olympic Games close to the closing ceremony, from the opening of the Russian world cup is still close to 100 days, when the fans are ready to return the ice and snow mode to the football mode? Let's check some of the football stories of the Winter Olympics. : Barcelona Fourcade watching fellow Benzema . , the French delegation carry the opening ceremony, two winter national player Martin Fourcade in the Winter Olympics in Pingchang won the men's 15 km, 12.5 km of collective man, mixed relay three gold medals. In April 11, 2017, Fourcade came to Juventus arena match 16-17 Champions League 1/4 final first leg against Barcelona Juventus home court. In that game, Juventus 3-0 beat Barcelona, Dibala scored two of Chiellini's header. Juve finally broke into the final, but 1-4 was defeated at the foot of the Real Madrid. Fourcade Watch Champions site in Turin in the 2015-2016 season, Real Madrid back pan man Benzema involved in porn videos extorti cheap nfl jerseys free shipping on scandal in val buena. At that time, Fourcade bluntly, if he is in Real Madrid, he didn't want to play with this fellow. Tana: at home watching the European Cup , the opening ceremony of the Italy delegation, Fontana, the flag bearer and the short track speed skater, finally realized his dream at this winter Olympic Games. He collected gold, silver and bronze three color medals (the women's 500 meter gold medal, the women's 3000 meter relay silver medal and the women's 1000 meter bronze medal). Especially the gold medal in the women's 500 meters, is the Italy delegation's first gold, and she beat South Korea's Cui Minjing in the final China domineering also let fans very convinced. Fang Tana at Euro 2008 Tana watched the second round of the group match between Italy and Belgium on television during the 2016 European Cup. In that game, Italy 2 to 0 victory over Belgium, Bonucci long assists Jarka Rini scored, Candreva assists Pelle victory. But this year's World Cup Italy team will have no figure, don't know when Fang Tana will watch every game. good rood: Liverpool loyal to receive Gerard Coutinho signed shirt Norway's Jans Ruud won the men's alpine skiing downhill runner up and second runner up in the men's giant slalom this winter olympics. 2014 in Sochi, he won a bronze medal in the men's downhill race, on the same day, Jens rood and Liverpool captain Gerrard wearing the number 8 in the battle, he won a bronze medal after the club "Seattle Seahawks running back Addie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) is ready for the first week against the Green Bay Packers game. and his former teammates are ready to give him some impact, at least they have been fighting on Tuesday's Twitter. Lei Xixian twitter wrote: "you said we will complete the first weeks of the season and the packers?" His former teammate Clinton Dix ha (Ha Ha Clinton-Dix) wrote on Twitter: "you'd better tighten your helmet and chin, clench your teeth." "We all know it's not a problem," Rey replied immediately, " we can understand that they are provoking each other, and it is clear that Rey wants to prove that the wrapper is a wrong choice. Lei XI team can Griffin to the Minnesota Vikings. Vincent (Everson Griffin) on running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) from the speech, Griffin said: "we regret that he left the team, but on the pitch and he can crash, we always say this, because before the training we can not touch him."The Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson (David Johnson) a knee injury in the season finale. But in the examination results obtained after the Cardinals can relax. coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) told reporters on Monday that Johnson was diagnosed with a sprained knee medial collateral ligament, without surgical treatment. from the game when Johnson injured the picture, this is the best news for the Cardinals who. At that time, Johnson's legs were badly bent and pressed under his own body. In the next two months after recuperating, he should be able to fully participate in the offseason training. Johnson and Fitzgerald took over Larry (Larry Fitzgerald) along with picking up the Cardinals offensive group. He is a powerful competitor of the league's most valuable players and the best player of the year. In the first 15 games of the season, he had at least 100 yards per game, creating a League record. Johnson is one of the most comprehensive players in the league, and his unique talent gives him the potential to enter the hall of fame. At the beginning of the next season when he played for the Cardinals fans can not only for the love of high-quality game fans is a blessing.we don't seem to see any more of the New York jet's 31 year old veteran Darrel ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis) once called the "king of the island". Lives said in an interview with New York Daily: "because I am old, you saw 1 times in that match, and only promoted 1 yards performance. When I was 23 or 24 years old, I could do everything. Is it possible for me to perform every task well? The result is so, I'm going downhill. " for those who questioned his high income contract, ray Weiss said: "I think people just look at the contract price, not what the people do in the game, some data will always be remembered, I'm not arrogant, the data in place, to my performance was the best." 's problem now is that the jet has given ray Weiss's income, not the performance he could provide 7 years ago, but this is not the first time he mentioned his bad performance this season. ?

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