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Pittsburgh Steelers still find no blockade of rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) Gelon way, the American League East other teams still find no way to catch up with the new England patriots, now any AP team wanted to find a way to go to Fort Fawkes in the playoffs. as the defending champion patriots Sunday 27 to 24 victory over the Steelers, the team finished ninth consecutive division title. 6 days before the Patriots lost to the Miami dolphins, Sunday they ended the Steelers 8 game winning streak, although the final Steelers touchdown catch was blown and make people feel much luck once again stood on the Patriot side. coach Bill Bailey Cheik (Bill Belichick) said, "we are just fighting to keep this game for 60 minutes. This is what you need to do to keep fighting." in the face of the Steelers when there seems to be no better than the Patriots team, Gelon 'occupation career Steelers game face sh cheap nfl jerseys free shipping owed the ruling level, before the game against the Steelers average can finish 99 yards of the ball, the game of his 9 receptions for 169 yards. After the match, he said, "I love the touchdown zone. It feels great. I really hope that 7 days a day, 24 hours a day is such a wonderful performance.NFL's official website, Bauer - Alan hawks defensive attack this week accepted thoracic surgery, rugby wo The hawk defense front Bauer Alan (Beau Allen) injured his chest inadvertently last week in training, and the injury needs to be operated on. According to the NFL media reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Alan is expected to carry out surgery on Wednesday, then at least the entire offseason to recovery process. Rapoport said Alan's goal is to be able to return to the team in the first week of the regular season, so the recovery process may have to continue until September. Alan is expected to be a member of the conventional defensive rotation. He will serve as a backup option for Fletcher Cox (Fletcher Cox) and Tim Jeni root (Tim Jernigan). After joining the hawk in 2014, Alan fought all 48 games and took part in about 40% of the kick-off of the team last year. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Martin, general manager of Detroit lion Martin Meyer (Mayhew) has partiality for adjusting the team line-up on the closing date of the season, but so far this season's team performance is excellent, and he decides to watch it. Meyer said, "I know everyone in the alliance will discuss possible transactions, and they are constantly calling and answering the phone for managers. But I think we will not make any deal this year before the deadline." The team's defensive core, Damm Suh Ndamukong, will become a free player after the season. There has been news that the team will choose to trade him ahead of schedule. Meyer's speech is also a direct comminution. In the interview, a reporter asked about another big lion, who took over Calvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson). Meyer chose to be silent about the 29 year old super super catcher. Next season, Johnson will have a 20 million impact on the lion's salary cap, which will increase to 24 million in 2016. When asked about Johnson's future, Meyer avoided the question: "who knows, what is said now is just a hypothesis." the goal of the lion in this season is no doubt the playoffs. Meyer's answer also indirectly explained that the team wanted to get the full impact and try to avoid a big change in the lineup. We don't know about the future of star players. The lion can eventually obtain what results will determine the operation strategy of the offseason team next to a certain time on Tuesday, the Cincinnati tigers came to the Lincoln highland primary school to give the school children 257 bicycles. players are coming out of the non Kurt von Benitez (Vontaze Burfict), Adam Jones (Adam Jones) and Andrew Whitworth (Andrew Whitworth). Jones in an interview said: "many of these children have the opportunity to receive such a gift, I remember that I grew up in the same environment experience, my mother at that time also need to worry about every bill, for me this gift is really great." Fawkes sports reporter tweet wrote, "look at the Christmas gifts that the players send for the local children." The tiger official twitter wrote: "the players give children a surprise to the primary school, that is more than 250 bicycles." Jones's own twitter wrote, "it feels great today, thanks to God."

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