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The official website of NFL, the Seahawks proved the line to find how hard it is, football player wo The Seahawks general manager John - Schneider (John Shneider) said that he is indeed difficult to find good attacking players, but it is not just a problem in Seattle, is a difficult problem in football. Schneider said he had talked with all the rugby coaches at all levels. All of them said that it is very difficult to find someone who has physical strength and strength to attack frontline, let alone have this meaning. we went to college to talk to a lot of different styles of coaches, and they were hard to find a good attacking player. Schneider said that everyone wants to play the quarterback, the running guard or the defensive front, which is the status of the rugby culture. Most people don't want to be 'the best attacking frontline players in the high school Rugby World'. They just want to kill the quarterback. Schneider said the draft fall last year came to Seattle, where George (George Fant). Both played basketball in high school and college, now is the NFL players. see us last year, George Venter came. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping God bless him. But when he had just finished playing basketball at college, he came to NFL to try to stop Robert Quin (Robert Quinn)! Well, good luck. Schneider said. Schneider also talked about the fact that NFL should dig more talents. it's hard. We don't have the European zone or the development alliance. Seattle Seahawks had to continue to find a blocking hunk, wish them luck. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.New York giant defensive player Jason Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) has changed a lot since the fireworks accident resulted in amputation of fingers. His teammates think he is far beyond the imagination of the outside world. Justin Tucker (Justin Tuck) and Pierre Paul have won the super bowl, he told reporters Pierre Paul, now more than 3 years ago. Tucker said, "the reason why I like Jason is that when everyone thinks he will fail after the accident, he insists on it. I think he is better now, especially his control and application of his ability. He used to be single, and now he is a competitive player. " In the 2011 season, Pierre and Paul finished the 16.5 quarterback game. However, he has never been close to the data since his finger amputation. He finished 7 games in 12 games last season, but he is still one of the most stressed players in the quarterback game. Tucker said, "I like him because his personality has changed. He is very focused. He put everything in his life. This is a good thing for him. I am confident that he will become a leader player." Pierre and Paul also had the opportunity to prove that he was the man before the injury, because the team completed a 4 - year - 62 million - year contract with him in the rest of the season.Our football equipment network is Eindhoven and UMBRO reached a shirt sponsorship contract, according to the Holland sports correspondent Thijs Slegers reports, Eindhoven from 2015-16 season wearing UMBRO sponsored jersey. Although no final agreement has been signed, UMBRO and PSV will soon announce the news of the sponsorship of the New Jersey. UMBRO will replace the PSV long-term equipment supplier Nike - the club's official shirt supplier since 1995.In the base of | London Olympic Park staff for health safety and Environment Award Olympic Delivery Authority's annual best health, safety and environment award Alan O'Hagan award according to the London Olympic Committee reports: the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) health, safety and environmental awards ceremony, all the staff of the Olympic Park commended by their construction of the London 2012 construction project in British history was elected as one of the most items of safety and environmental protection. This year, was the second year of the award, with an independent jury led by the British Security Council. This award is to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions in the field of health, safety and environmental excellence or the Olympic Park work teams and individuals. Alan O 'Hagan is a carpenter who is responsible for building the Southern Ring Road and bridge of the Olympic Park. He won the award for the best employee of the year. The jury highly recognizes Alan's work attitude, ability to work, enthusiasm for work and a sense of high responsibility. Alan said it was a great pleasure for me to get the best employee of the year award. My 8 year old son was very proud of me, and he took the trophy to school. Although is a personal award, it can not be separated from the efforts of the whole team. Therefore, I want to express my thanks to all my colleagues. It is because of their solidarity and cooperation that they ensure the safety of the whole project. after independent scrutiny of the health and safety management system and process of the Olympic Delivery Authority, the British Security Council (BSC) also awarded the Olympic BSC five star award. Lawrence Waterman, head of health and safety at Olympic Delivery Authority, said: "our achievements in health, safety and environmental protection derive from the hard work, dedication and professionalism of thousands of staff at the site. our project has entered the most critical and busy year, so we can't be complacent at the moment. We still need to cooperate with contractors, subcontractors and staff to ensure that the Olympic Park has become the healthiest, safest and most environmentally friendly project in British history. (show)

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