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What happens next can only be described with the word "Crazy". Near the end Cook completed 29 yard catch on the line before, but he could not enter the zone Raiders, the offensive team can only continue to attack in the first half line code. Subsequently, Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) to complete the ball in the end zone, but was sentenced to foul offensive pass interference. Only 3 seconds of game time, Carle ball didn't hit, but fortunately, the chief safety Ron Parke (Ron Parker) was blown into a foul, the Raiders again get another chance. When the game time is zero, the Carle pass again not hit, this time the chief was again blowing holding. Finally, Carle passed the ball to find Michael - Chla cartli, passing the ball 2 yards to score!The official website of NFL | Dezhou running back Forster | football season of Achilles t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping endon rupture Houston, the Dezhou people, had been badly hit by a very bad day at the end of the day. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that the Dezhou people run the main Wei - Forster (Arian Foster) the Achilles tendon rupture, the season. Forster in the fourth period did not come into contact with others under the condition of the wounded and was carried out, Dezhou eventually embarrassed with 26-44 defeat in Miami dolphins. Dezhou manager Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) talked about the injury immediately after the game, and he said it apparently looked bad. the game Forster rushed the ball 18 times 59 yards and 1 touchdowns, completing 5 catches 66 yards and 1 touchdowns. , which is a setback for Forster. He seldom keeps healthy in his career. He missed 3 games at the beginning of this season due to groin injury. Lack of in the case of Forster, the people of Dezhou can only rely on the wide receiver Hopki de Andrea (DeAndre Hopkins) to become their only offensive players can change the game. The Dezhou attack team has a lot of holes in the position, not to mention the quarterback position this huge defect, so Forster's absence will be difficult to make up. Though Forster can only rush out 2.6 yards in every 4 appearances of the season, his substitute Alfred Blue and Chris Polk (Alfred Polk) can not contribute to the attack of the ball while he plays.The official website of NFL, receiver Welker Brady, football training partner be wo Tom Brady (Tom Brady) this weekend to find old teammate Weiss - Welker (Wes Welker) as a training partner pass. that's interesting. I was actually going to watch the game (Saturday), and I called him to ask him to eat on Saturday night, Welker said. (Brady) means like "I will fly back from Ann Arbor, but the morning we came to pass?" I sat there and said, 'I just want to make a dinner, but yes, of course.' I'll be early and we can pass the ball. This is the only thing we really plan to do. Brady was punished for 4 matches due to the release of the gas door. As part of the ban, he was forbidden to participate in any Rugby related activities or discussions with his current teammates within or outside the patriotic base, even including training or passing ball practice. 35 year old Welker is one of the biggest passing target in the validity of the Brady patriot in 6 years, he completed 672 receptions for 5 times in the occupation bowl. it's fun, now the free agent Welker said. I was sitting there trying to make a dinner, and replied, 'Hey, come here and play the ball!' I feel like, 'God, he's going to have a two - minute offensive training in his backyard.' Saturday will be graduating in 1999 for the first time since the Brady return to Ann Arbor to watch the game. He spoke to the University of Michigan team on Friday night and would join the team skipper in the coin throwing ceremony. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.New Balance, general manager of football Richard · Wright (Richard Wright) said: "the New Jersey with the Celtics Club great history and the latest progress of New Balance technology, NB Dry technology we can help the players to play freely in high level competition." NB Dry the

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