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the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and NFL President Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) failed to reach a settlement agreement on the former mentioned on the games of litigation. U.S. District Court judge Richard - Berman (Richard Berman) announced on Monday that the two sides will not negotiate the case, and he will make a decision on Friday at the latest. however, according to the official website NFL reported that Brady was "willing to accept" for the first time that a ban in the settlement, there is no reason for the investigation work with gas "incident. According to people in the people's knowledge, there is this possibility before the start of Monday's negotiations. But there was no success in the negotiations. The negotiations between the two sides of the were terminated by the judges over the oversize of their disagreement. Negotiations over the past few weeks have been deadlocked, because Brady insisted on h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is position. He would not accept any findings in the investigation report, nor would he be willing to take any responsibility that might be involved in the "exhaust valve". is both public and private, Brady insists he has nothing to do with the "deflation". But he acknowledged that he should have cooperated with the investigative work in a more cooperative manner. At the same time, look if Brady willing to bear part of responsibility, NFL will look down to two of his suspension. But since the negotiations have never reached this point, NFL has not opened the condition. but according to people in the matter, it is still possible for both sides to reach a settlement agreement until judge Berman's decision.before the Steelers star linebacker James Harrison (James Harrison) on Saturday announced his retirement. Harrison's first 9 occupation career is spent in the Pittsburgh Steelers, last season he competed in the Cincinnati tigers, and completed the sixty-sixth quarterback occupation career kill escapement. he wrote on his Facebook: "today, I made the difficult decision to retire, I love my family now when they leave the game to my dream, I missed too much time with my family to the stadium just because I paid too much time. Now, my enthusiasm for the competition is not so strong that I want to miss my family's birthday party or the first day of school. I choose to retire. Just like most people, I hope to get your best wishes. Harrison was known as the forty-third Super Bowl should be in the game and steals back a 100 yard touchdown run, and ultimately help to 27 to 23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals, won the super bowl. He completed a total of 36.5 escapement in the 2008-2010 season. Harrison played 15 games in Cincinnati last season and completed two escapement.Chelsea will play the | Bowling bowling in Japan December 14, 2012 10:26 Author: Source: Sohu picture Benitez battle throw bowling David Luiz cool on the sidelines Ashley Cole amateur action Benitez arms funny horse pagoda bowling selling David Luiz preoccupied local time on December 13th, in Japan to participate in the Club World Cup team captains Chelsea sneak, appeared in a bowling alley playing bowling, Benitez and the soldiers playing awfully. Beijing time on the evening of December 13th, Chelsea, the Club World Cup semi-final in 3 than 1 defeat in North America and the Caribbean champion Monterey, will play the Copa Libertadores champions in the final corinthians. The game player Chelsea played well, the game mentality is very easy, but the "Daily Mail" exposure of the special way to prepare for the blues before the game, that is to the bowling alley to relax. The picture shows coach Benitez shot, midfielder Mata is funny to make shot action, visible Chelsea players mentality quite easily, it also helps them to get good results in the club world cup. (Sohu sports jam bag)offseason project began on the first day, the Denver Broncos icing on the cake, with four players signed contract bidding. here, three people come from the line guard. Todd - Davies (Todd Davis) signed restricted free agent contract bidding, Purcell - Anderson (Zaire Anderson) and Shaquille Barrett (Shaquil Barrett) signed an exclusive free agent contract. Center James Ferenczi (James Ferentz) also signed exclusive free agent contract. Davies will spend fourth years in a wild horse and is expected to earn $2 million 740 thousand this season. After being included in the starting line in the interior last year, he reap 97 grabs, 0.5 escapement and 1 force off the ball. Barrett in the past two season total harvest 7 sacks, DeMarcus Vail (DeMarcus Ware) after retirement, he will get more chances. Anderson had 14 games in every game, and the special team took half of it.

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