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The official website of NFL, champion quarterback Goff will get more training time in football nest in next week ???????-???????Case Keenum???????????????|????????????????????????????????????????? But that does not mean that Losangeles rams have forgotten their top draft of the draft this year. According to NFL's official website reported that Jared (Jared Goff) will gove against New York in London after the giants in training to get more playing time. Goff has made great progress in training since the start of the season, and the goats are more confident that if he is asked to come out, he can deal with the starting task. Kinam has been passing 9.2 yards on an average pass in the last three weeks. If he continues to maintain this performance and keep winning more than half the ram is hard to imagine, the rams will replace the starter. Kinam's teammates and coaches said this week that their offensive team was enough to win the game. Bu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t if it's performance against the Giants game in bad, see opportunities sooner or later gove will no longer be a surprise. it is not a new thing for a team that still has the playoffs to make the first show in the middle of the season. The ram rival giant had let Eli Manning in the 2004 season (Eli Manning) instead of Kurt Warner (Kurt Warner) first. At that time the giants were 5 - 4. If the goats lose the game in the next game, their record is 3 - 4. rams know that the decision to change the first quarterback means that they can't turn back. Even if Jeangov decided to get more time for training, he was just thinking about the future. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Cowboys offensive line ahead of Christmas | football last week de Mark - Murray (DeMarco Murray) sent them one brand of computer for the protection of the Dallas cowboy's attack line. recently, Toni Romo (Tony Romo) although don't know if I can play this week, but he bought a LV for the offensive line players on Friday travel bag, to thank them for their protection. Zach Martin (Zach Martin), the new rookie, said the bag was the best gift for the cowboy before going to London. The cowboy will fight the Jacksonville Jaguar on Monday afternoon in London. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????2??????????????????????????? the two substitute offensive line is a Jeremy - Painaer (Jermey Parnell) because of a foot injury he missed the last 2 games, another is Mike Mackenzie - Benadi (Mackenzy Bernadeau) he will start in this week's game, also starting tight end Jason Romo Heinze Witten (Jason Witten) to buy the travel bag.Atlanta falcons coach Dan Dan (Dan Quinn) is still optimistic about the possibility of playing Julio Jones (Julio Jones) on Thursday night match of New Orleans saints. Quin told reporters that although the star took over by hamstring injuries, he is expected to play their own. "He had some simple training last night, and he did the training today," Quin said. "From what we see, he's doing very well, and we expect him to play." Jones in the Falcon extra time defeated the Washington Red Skin competition, has appeared in the 80 gear attack 73 stalls, in 10 passes in his goal, completes 5 times to obtain 67 yards. There are questions about whether the falcons will limit his playing time before the game. Jones has been limited to less than 70 yards in the last two weeks when he was suffering from injuries, and the first three games of the season were more than 135 yards. Jones of the season for the opponents, is hard to defend the nightmare, he completed 43 times the highest league ball 545 yards and 4 touchdowns. in the face of the defense this season the saints is bad, if you can not have a hamstring injury limit, Jones might play well. If Jones is still affected, Leonard - Hankison (Leonard Hankerson) and Roddy White (Roddy White) will share his role.NFL official website | Houston Dezhou signed | Steele - der von Rugby Houston Dezhou recently signed (Devon Still) - der von Steele contract will begin in the next season. on Wednesday afternoon, Sfer released Twitter: Li Ya was last diagnosed on Friday, and I got a new contract. I have to say this week is great. Sfer was known in Cincinnati tiger tiger because his 5 year old daughter had cancer. He was never seen on the court in September 2014 when he was laid off. learned that the 75 tiger tiger jersey of the player completed the sales record of 1 million dollars, which was donated to the local children's medical cancer research center in Cincinnati. The summer of 2015, Der von Cordero (Devon Leah) - beat cancer rehabilitation hospital.

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