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French champions Marseille club announced the team next season Champions League Away Jersey on its website, the New Jersey confirmed the spread of the Internet before the style, the new black jersey in addition to the traditional blue collar and shoulder, also joined the gradient pattern of red yellow and green three colors, this is epoch-making Club Marseille the first African elements are added to the shirt design, to commemorate the upcoming first held on the African continent in the world cup, red yellow green fine lines consisting of vertical hanging on the Jersey positive left, this combination is also revealing a little "celebrate" shadow. Marseille has just won the French league title in a week before they returned to the peak in French football after a lapse of 18 years, the club had only announced the black jersey plan at a later time, but the champion of the fans unprecedented enthusiasm, the club also conform to public opinion ahead of the announcement and the new Jersey all.One of the most surprising news of 's short visit to Josh Norman Norman Josh is New Orleans saints are one of Norman's final candidates. the saints tried to persuade Norman to join the team at cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the last minute of Friday. Their efforts included Sean Payton Sean Payton calling Norman personally. The saints' efforts were very powerful, and Norman then ruled out other competing teams, leaving only the saints and Washington Red. but the saints' interest in Norman reminiscent of a clear question: how would they take on his salary if he signed Norman? The saints' wage cap space is one of the least in the league. According to the data of NFL players union, the salary cap space of the saints is only 3 million 450 thousand dollars on Friday. When you chase a player who ask for an annual salary of 15 million dollars, there is not much room for this. how do saints keep competing to the end? One name: Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees). According to , according to ESPN, Bracey is eager for Norman to join the saints, so he is willing to rebuild his own contract to create conditions. Bracey would have made up $30 million in cap space for the next season, and apparently he was willing to change the contract and let the saints can squeeze out space and sign Norman. but eventually he didn't rebuild the contract, and Norman joined the red skin. , of course, if Bracey was willing to rebuild the contract to help the saints sign Norman, it would make you wonder why he didn't do it earlier. If Bracey rebuilds the contract before the start of the free players market, the saints probably will chase players who they have to avoid, because they have no salary cap space. If Bracey wants to help his team, he should do it, not choose to do it when he wants to do it.According to the official website of NFL reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the safety Taylor Maes (Taylor Mays) has been in the local time on Friday by the Detroit lions cut. The news came from mace's agent. male lion coach Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) said: "every player in the team is trying their best to show themselves, Maes has achieved the best in her own ability." entered the League for six years Maes since 2010 has been for a number of teams, Maes had been signed by the Minnesota Vikings, then quickly fired, then is the lion sign shortly after being cut. Before joining the Vikings, Maes also played 49 people in San Francisco and the Cincinnati tigers. is cut for mace is not necessarily bad, including the current New York giants, Miami dolphins and Philadelphia are few, the lack of safety eagle team intends to its depth.The official website of NFL | Super Bowl MVP - Joe - Montana | football almost all NFL players have the experience of playing College Football. However, during the University honorary life sized does not guarantee the occupation career so smooth, Heisman (American college football player's highest honor) winner also Matt Leinart lost in the team's bench occupation; on the contrary, there are people in the University honors completely inadequate, but became the occupation league's top superstar. For example, Tom Brady. The hero of this article, Joe Montana, belongs to the latter. teenager: the unexclusive sports teenager June 11, 1956, Joe Montana was born in a small city in Pennsylvania, called New Eagle. Influenced by her father, Joe Montana was showing athletic, high school is the school basketball, baseball, football star. In fact, after helping Ringgold high school win the state championship and be selected as the best team in the state high school league, North Carolina gave Joe Montana a basketball scholarship offer, and promised that he could participate in basketball and rugby team in University. Fortunately, the future Hall of fame quarterback refused the scholarship. He chose University of Notre Dame in Indiana and worked alongside the childhood idol Terry Hanratty. University: the magic quarterback that reverses the sex high school Montana once took 223 yards in a game and got 3 passes and 1 shots. ???????1????????????????3??Montana???????????????????? turns up in the sophomore. The former coach Ara Parseghian resigned because of heart, instead of the previously coached the Green Bay Packers Dan Devine. After spring training performance of Montana, Devine Fighting Irish (University of Notre Dame finds that he is the best candidate quarterback of the team). The skeptics said: who is Joe Montana? Devine replied for the next few years I pointed at him for dinner. Joe Montana University was the first to prove that he was playing at the University of North Carolina in 1975. On the road, there were 5 minutes and 17 seconds left, and 6-14 of the University of Notre Dame fell behind 8 points. Montana took only 1 minutes and 2 seconds to lead the team to complete the reversal. Finally, University of Notre Dame took 21-14 of the victory to leave the North Cathedral hill. Next to the array.

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