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The official website of NFL, pony quarterback Andrew ruck, football training return nest Andrew - Andrew (Andrew Luck) is a step closer to the return race. the Indianapolis Colts quarterback in the concussion missed the team lost to Pittsburgh Steelers game after Thanksgiving Monday to participate in the training. In training, was seen wearing a red jersey representing non - contact training to pass the ball. Pagano, commander of the Chuck Pagano, later confirmed that he had not yet passed the concussion test process, but said he expected to be able to participate in the New York night jet match on Monday night. was equally optimistic after training, and he said, "I feel great, 100 percent recovery and ready to come." has a concussion examination process... I haven't passed it yet, and LAK said he also said he felt very good at the end of last week. LAK had a head injury in the eleventh week victory over Tennessee Titan. The reporters didn't know he had a concussion until second cheap nfl jerseys free shipping days ago. almost faced calamity in the absence of a pony attack in the absence of LAK. Now the pony in the Southern District of the United States of the United States and Houston Dezhou can't afford their most valuable offensive players to continue to be absent. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Payton - Manning is the most likely to return to the game | football in fifteenth weeks when Denver Mustang announced that the quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) would be absent for two weeks, they added at least the word. We can expect his absence more than two weeks. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the NFL official, reported on Thursday that Manning was at least three weeks away from the regress. 's official statement was that Manning would be absent for at least two weeks - I got the news that there was at least three weeks in the distance back, Rapoport said. This is why he should be absent for so long: he needs ten days to wear plaster. After that, he still needs a week to recover. Then he will try to return to the court. So you can expect the return time is December 20th against Pittsburgh Steelers game. This is the most realistic day for Manning to return to the world, but no one has assured me that he may be able to return at that time, especially if Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) plays an excellent role. is the key to the return of Manning Wheeler oswald. If he continues to make a steady performance in the first starting, the wild horse can let Manning recover slowly. The urgency for Manning's return may grow if he is more familiar with him after his opponent's defense team is more familiar with him. wild hope will happen first, so that they will face a difficult choice, whether to make a legendary quarterback sidelined.The official website of NFL | Kubiak wants Davies to play an important role in | football Vernon - Davies (Vernon Davis) will meet the first show after a transfer to Denver wild horse this week. Coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) for the experienced near end confidence, he said on Friday local time after the end of the training team, Davies will become an important part of the Broncos offense. Kubiak said: for a coach, how to use him is a mental problem. Because you don't want to push the players into an environment that makes him uncomfortable. So we only pay attention to those things that make him feel good. In the face of such a difficult game, any decision will be very difficult. But he is eager to help the team, and he has the ability to do it. He was eager to compete, and he was with us for a week. Kubiak revealed that it would limit Davies's playing time, but even so, he will still be an important part of the team's attack: he will participate in the competition. This week we asked him to do some work, he finished very well, we feel great. During the season of 49 people in San Francisco, Davies took 18 shots to advance 194 yards. As of this week, the near end of wild horse, the combination of Erwin Daniels (Owen Daniels) and Virgil Green (Virgil Green), completed 23 hits. Davies's joining will provide more passing options for Payton Manning (Peyton Manning).even-even soccer equipment network French Paris Saint Germain in the past few seasons has been the ruler in Ligue 1 high input to bring the star also makes their competitiveness in France to further strengthen the domestic league. But the European war is the sad past of big Paris, and every year to the European arena, Paris is always unable to show enough hegemon and can not go further. Launched a new "night light" the European war Jersey and before we introduced Adidas's launch of the European giants Jersey similar to Nike for the Paris Saint Germain Europe Away Jersey also used Diablo style and themes are invariably think of the dark night sky and the stars in the night sky. This set of design inspiration

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