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The Detroit lions Ansai - ensure that ezrin Kiel (Ezekiel Ansah) continue to play for the team next season. The lion used the privileged label on Tuesday for ansah, and once AnaI signed the contract, he will be paid $17 million 500 thousand in 2018. last season proved himself to be one of the best outside flush hands of NFL, with 12 escapement and 44 grabbing to force the ball and the 1 time to get the ball back. There were no more escapement than he did in the second half of the season. He made 3 successive escapement in the last two games of the season. , despite the impressive performance of Ansai, he has not yet fully ensured that he will remain in the next season in the past 2 seasons. But it would be strange if the lion made the two - figure escapement in the last 3 seasons into the free agent market in the last 2 seasons. In the case of few other options, it is a reasonable choice to make Ansai a privileged label player. The privilege tag keeps the lion from one of the best defensive ends of the alliance and doesn't give him a long contract -- they have plenty of salary space to accommodate the expensive 1 year contract. Ansai can become the new coach Matt Patricia (Matt Patricia) is a cornerstone of the team. The lion can sign a long contract with ansah in July 16th at the latest. He joined Jarvis Landry (Jarvis Landry) with the Miami dolphin to be cheap nfl jerseys free shipping come the only privileged label player in the league.The season is not smooth forcing the New Orleans saints in the offseason to the squad were drastically altered, the core team four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) has been at the center of gossip, rumors that the team will be in the near future will he leave the transaction. Local time Monday, the saints general manager Mitch Loomis (Mickey Loomis) voice: "we will not deal with Bracey." The team official rumor also allows fans to eat reassurance, the 36 year old Bracey is still one of the top quarterbacks in the League last season, his performance has declined, but still finished 4952 yards, passing success rate is 69.2%. In the offseason, the saints send successive end Jim Graham approached (Jimmy Graham) and Stiles young receiver Kenny (Kenny Stills), while running back Mark Ingram sign (Mark Ingram), and C.J. Peeler (C.J. Spriller) incurred under. This series of moves is seen as the beginning of the team's tactical transition, and experts believe that the saints will move the focus from the pass to the ground next season. In the 2012 season, Bracey and the team have signed a 5 - year contract worth $100 million. Next season will be in the fourth year of the contract, Bracey will take 18 million 750 thousand basic wages, and the team's salary cap caused by 26 million 400 thousand.on Tuesday U.S. time, the Arizona Cardinals tight end John - Carlson (John Carlson) announced his retirement, let the outside world by surprise. he said: "after careful consideration, my wife and I think this is the best decision, I was lucky enough to spend 7 seasons in the NFL, spent 3 great teams, the Vikings and the Seahawks cardinals. I am very grateful to those friends of the past, but now I am also looking forward to my future life. " Carlson, who is about to be 31 next week, does not give a particularly important cause of retirement, perhaps a history of his brain concussion. Carlson in 2014 with the Cardinals signing, in order to improve the Cardinals' ball threat, last season he finished 33 catches for 350 yards and 1 touchdowns. His career completed 210 hits, 2256 yards and 15 arrays. The Carlson retired. To rookie tight end Christie grieder (Gerald Christian) the opportunity to host, of course, the team also needs to find a new target in the free market.In the base of | Chinese international Slow Pitch Softball Tournament team title fight Jinghong |13 venue preparation for Nan Jing Xincheng Cup 2011 China international Slow Pitch Softball Tournament in Jinghong City, Yunnan province Xishuangbanna kicks off, the game total of 13 teams from home and abroad to participate in the next two days, the group launched the contest. this competition is jointly sponsored by the State Sports Administration of hand music and softball center, China Softball Association and Yunnan Sports Bureau. The national team China ability to promote the sport of slow pitch softball enrolled in this tournament, the amateur organizations have lined up to participate in, also from Japan, Taiwan area, Chinese sports team from old media organizations in Taiwan, the joint team won five slow pitch softball championship. All the players except the national softball, bringing together a large number of non professional players. A good sword remains always sharp. in the kick-off ceremony, Chinese College Baseball Association honorary chairman, deputy director of the International Softball Federation Hall of Famer Li Minkuan, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song Jiang Xiuyun, the Yunnan Provincial Sports Bureau Yang Ning, the State Sports General Administration of hand curved rod base ball bulb base director Yang Xu, Xishuangbanna Nan Jing Xincheng investment development company chairman Tong Qiqiang attended the kick-off ceremony. The opener between national softball and Hunan goose team, perennial contact with national softball first fast softball dealing with slow pitch softball was 4 higher than the 3 The climate does not suit one. upset losing. And against the Taiwan five in Tainan Hengda Bella team and Guangdong traditional teams Guangzhou Rongcheng team, is more than 27 to 0 and 13 than 1 lost. wonderful scene China sports media reporters team won four consecutive wins, the team first out of line. Chinese sports media reporters have won the national Slow Pitch Softball Championship in 2010. In the competition, the State Sports General Administration, the tennis club, softball center, the Yunnan Sports Bureau and the Jinghong municipal government jointly held a news conference to introduce the basic situation of the development of slow pitch softball in China. competition site Jiang Xiuyun introduced at a news conference, after 09 years will leave the Olympic softball, baseball and softball administration hand curved center timely adjust the development strategy, vigorously develop the softball in youth groups, by simplifying the rules, improve the safety performance of the equipment and other measures will slow pitch softball ball project forward to hundreds of universities and middle school campus. Dozens of famous universities in Tsinghua University, Peking University, Communication University of China, University of International Business and Economics, University of International Business and Economics and so on have established slow ball softball teams in various departments, and have been organized from departments to national levels.

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