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Jacksonville Jaguars running back Tobey Gerhard (Toby Gerhart) last season from the Vikings to come, the team had been high hopes, but because of injuries and other reasons the downturn, a down season only 101 rushing with 326 yards and two touchdowns in the season at the beginning, also lost the starting running backs position. And Gerhard was well aware of his performance, and he spoke frankly in a reporter's interview: "to be honest, I was really bad last year." in the offseason this year chose the Jaguars running back TJ- Elton (T.J.Yeldon), Elton talented, is expected to become the new season Jaguar ground offensive core, and the other running backs Dana de Robinson (Denard Robinson) will debut as a timely rotation. But the Jaguar doesn't seem to have given up. Gerhard, David Caldwell, said earlier this week: "he looks stronger and faster than last year. I think he can make a lot of contributions to us this year".The official website of NFL | history: Denis Green's famous | football game roar if you want to beat them, then you must first kick their ass.. This passage comes from Denis - Green (Dennis Green), the most outstanding venue in history to inspire the coach. let's picture cut back in October 16, 2006, Green of the Arizona Cardinals record of 1 wins and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 4 losses against the Chicago bears home court 5 wins, 20 Cardinals first half to 0 lead, third is still 23 to 3 lead, but in the end there is competition in 2 minutes and 58 seconds with the bears running back David Hester (hand Devin Hester) completed 83 yard run to Chicago finally abandoned the back, 24 more than 23 complete reversal. after weighing by combat, a reporter asked Green a question what harm coach and quarterback Rex Grossman (Rex Grossman) four was sacked 2 times off the ball, you see what bears, how do you shut them up? Green's answer sounds continuously improve the bears as we imagined, they are as strong as we imagine, we and they are in the pre-season competition, who the hell knows third game play shit? Do you understand shit? That's why we're doing badly on the court! Now if you want to let them go, you have to kick their ass.! But they are very powerful, so we have to get out of the trouble first! unfortunately Green's speech is very famous in the cardinals, but after the season he was dismissed.if Qian Pu - Bailey (Champ Bailey) is on the field, the width of the court must be less than 160 feet wide for the quarterback. As the first real "shut-down corner" in the history of NFL, Qian Pu cut down half of the passing points of the opposite quarterback. 6 feet tall with nearly 200 pounds, almost all the money Pu para body catcher, in addition, he has a sprinter like speed, which allows him to stick to the catcher. However, Qian Pu's player is his most deadly weapon, and he seems to be able to swim across the second line of defense everywhere. The following is his story... growth experience Jr was born in Fuerkesidun Rowland - Bailey Georgia in June 22, 1978, their 3 brothers are a rugby player, he ranked second child. His mother Elaine gave him a little called money to his brother, "the name" Boss "(Boss). When they were young, people thought they were twins, because they were so much alike. when Qian Pu was ten years old, his parents divorced. His mother Elaine got the custody of 4 children (including daughter Danielle), but had to work two jobs to support the whole family. But Elaine is not alone in fighting, and the Bailey family are good students and star athletes at school, which makes their mother a lot less pressure. They run a logger's grandfather John as well as they can help. Fowles Clintonn is a marsh on the border of Florida, Georgia, where there are more crocodiles than men. But every Friday night, they will play rugby. The town has only a small place of 3 lights and nearly 50 American football stars in the first class League of the United States. In the growth process of Qian Pu, he played with Larry Smith (Larry Smith) and set an example of the mainstay of the future University -- Joe Huggins (Joe Hagins) and Henry Macmillan (Henry McMillan). Qian Pu has great talent in all sports. When he entered rugby football field, he soon showed clever footwork and explosive acceleration. The most surprising thing is that he has an inherent instinct to see through the heart of the quarterback, and even to predict the special ability of the offensive tactics. When he was in 7, his fans offered the University of Georgia to offer the money. 1992 years, the money into the general Charlton County high school, joined the team after being placed in the team quarterback and safety position, no matter which side to hold the ball, universal money can dominate a game. In the winter of the same year, Qian Pu joined the basketball team. He jumped up to 43 feet and was a dunk madman. In the spring, Qian Pu began to practice track and field, and became the high jump champion of Georgia state as a freshman. 〉Xiamen Xingguan Bowling bowling | 2016 06 month 23 days club Chen Zhihong title appraisal name grade first bureau second third fourth points were divided into subtotal bare naked let ranked total score ranking of the field integral Chen Zhihong C2052132261948381837856289318 E175207169163714241187381485627.5 C184195239192810045810485537 Huang Keyong Chen Hong Zhijian of wheat B1721832442228211220833385346.5 A192202233215842170859184956 D19818015718371824977421283965.5 Wang Chung Wen Xu Jiang had pure D192163195164714241007381483875 Xiao Wei D1941642021827420937421283585 Liao Junwei E14118719119471301237131982695 Mao Liqin C19417117120173724607619821105 D192172164190718010071817818115 Yang Chunsheng where Mercedes D1801611651786843210071618816125 B2071721932237950307955815135 sun Jianqing Wu kdgarden C181180190173724246074811808145 Chen Zhimin C16818522416774418457628807155 Xie Jun E1661521581646402414066425804165 B210171170218 Huang Jianguo 7690327697801175 sun dragon B2361432101827710307716801175 clock C24117914617173704573716782195 C166134205173678246070222762205 C19517118315970806070821758215 Su hopo-bright civilization Xie Dingchuan Fan Shaohua E1341551481666032414062727757225 A16717019819973424075810748235 Li Xiu Qin Lin Chen Wenhai E1501441401135473214057929719245 A20318616312667832071020710255 rich B12820222612868403068423704265 A17616716513664432067624676275 Hong Chen Chung Ching Chen cautious Toshinaga A177168145165655006552665〉

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