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The official website of NFL |49 to tackle Sty expressed dissatisfaction with the | football referee San Francisco 49 team tackle Joe Staley (Joe Staley) on the law enforcement referee yesterday 49 people and San Diego lightning team expressed serious dissatisfaction. happened late in the third quarter, the 49 team is still in 28:14 with lead, tight end Vernon - Davies (Vernon Davis) completed a stunning 63 yard touchdown, but the referee was a running back Frank - Gore (Frank Gore) illegally blocked, not only touchdown was canceled, and the team also sent the code number. A few files after a team of 49 people with 3 stalls 20 yards forced in their own 22 yard line, the quarterback Nick Colin - Capet (Colin Kaepernick) had captured and killed, the ball rolled into the end zone, and the other team members together f cheap nfl jerseys free shipping or Staley, but the final penalty team hold the ball lightning, direct array, 49 the team originally can get 35:14 advantage, because the referee two penalty, direct lightning team will narrow the difference to 7 points. then the referee expressed Staley anger, he thinks he is in completely hold the ball after the lightning players hit the ball to go away. The judge threw Disasters pile up on one another., Huangqi, Staley identified a flagrant.NFL official website, news: lightning moved from San Diego have been inevitable in football nest ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????|????? according to the news of the CBS reporter, the relocation of lightning has not been changed. The lightning need 2/3 to complete the construction of stadium construction voted for the new stadium in San Diego, but the news that no matter how the voting results of lightning will join in the construction of the new stadium ram, became a member of Losangeles in 2019. seems to be in line with the situation of the current Oakland Raiders, choosing to go to the new city when the original city new stadium is unable to apply. It is reported that the vote for lightning will be completed in November, which means that November is the last chance, and if the vote is not more than 2/3, lightning will leave. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.tiger March 10th news Cagliari club confirmed on the official website, due to the death of the old will he sealed the number 13 shirt, young defender Philip Romania (Filippo Romagna) to wear Jersey No. 56, until the end of the season. , 20, of Romania, from the Juventus youth camp, moved to Cagliari last summer and has made 17 appearances in Serie A this season. played in Cagliari on Sunday, the Florence captain, he unfortunately died. This week, the Sardinia club and Fiorentina decided together, to commemorate the Astoria, they sealed the number 13 shirt. since Romania has been wearing the No. 13 shirt this season, he has to choose to change the number. The League of Serie A also chartered the move in Cagliari, and Romania would have put on No. 56 in the rest of the season. [source: Cagliari official network] special statement: This article is uploaded and published for self media authors, representing only the author's views. Oriental Sports only provide information publishing platform.tiger news March 12th in February 7th 103-89 bucks to beat Nicks in the game, the Bucks striker Ioannis adetokunbo - Nicks Hardaway - head forward over the Tiny Tim finished dunks. The Bucks then sold the buckle to a T - shirt sale, but was immediately dissuaded by Ade Tor Quinn Bo. In March 10th 120-112 bucks to victory over Nicks, adetokunbo explained his reasons for doing so. He said he thought it was wrong to sell such T - shirts. "I didn't see Hardaway Tim under me," adetokunbo said, "I just want to jump up, put the ball into the." 's tweet, which is now officially publicizing the T - shirt by the Bucks, has also been deleted. Yanis A De to play 63 games in the season, he played 37 minutes on the field, 27 points, 10.1 rebounds, 4.7 assists 1.4 to break 1.4 cover. (editors: the wind of change)

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