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Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) is 32 years old. He missed most of the games last season because of knee injuries. But he didn't seem to be slowing down. New Orleans saints coach Sean - Payton (Sean Peyton) to accept voluntary in the team training camp said in an interview: "he is the kind of you have to admit it is a talented player, not just his skills and physical abilities, and his training methods, I believe he is looking forward to getting back on the court." and Peterson's new players read more about his performance. Larry Warford, a team guard, said, "if you look at him, he looks like a specimen. He looks very cold. Don't shake hands with him." left Jiefeng Taryn Armstead (Terron Armstead) said: "to be honest I was surprised to see him on the pitch, his first two full power, this is I have seen the strongest human, is really unbelievable, I am looking forward to he put on the performance of equipment at." of course these remarks more is to make our fans happy, but don't forget the Peterson before the injury last season and not a ver cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y efficient running back.The official website of NFL | Payton - Manning - Chapter fifth: Damn steals | football Author: Fang Ling ARodgers, NFL Chinese official network columnist in the late 90s, there were only 30 teams in NFL at that time, so the partition mode was similar to the structure of today's NBA. The 15 teams of the League of Nations United Nations and the 5 teams in each district were evenly allocated into eastern, central and western regions. AFC East, besides the pony, there are four Miami dolphins, the new England patriots, New York jets and Buffalo Bill teams. opener encountered dolphins, don Shula and deicide Dan Marino together in season 13, only a quarter percentage lower than 50%, the partition of hundred-percent BANBA, Shura after retirement, another coach Jimmy Johnson took over the team, without the slightest signs of deterioration, while the horse Reno play heat, dolphin is still a playoff for the giants. The history of patriots was not long. In 80s, it was a bad team. Robert - Kraft (Robert Kraft) in the paper, packaging, entertainment, real estate and private investment in areas such as successes, at the beginning of 90s, the Kraft family officially acquired from the patriot patriot, regardless of the balance or record will achieve profitability, Bill, Sayles (Bill Parcells) and 93 champion Drew Brad had to reclaim in the 1996 quarter to lead the Patriots first into the super bowl, but will be lost to Bret faffe (Brett Favre) packaging industry. The 97 quarter of the Patriots Parsons agreed to leave, hire good coaching qualifications - Pete Carol (Pete Carroll) to become the new coach, immediately reached the playoffs. In addition to 60s Joe Na Maas led dandy arrogance over several seasons, the jets have been better than rivals New York giants in the 97 quarter on record, Bill Passel J (who is a giant meritorious coach) return to New York City, and the jet performance has been significantly improved, although 87 years show champion quarterback Vinny Testa Weil Di (Vinny Testaverde) is a stadium tramp, less likely to have high optical performance, but the star running back Curtis Martin (Curtis Martin) in order to repay the teacher Sayles Palmer and join the jets, 96 champion, tall Sean Johnson took over the base outside the originator (Keyshawn Johnson) is also a heavy artillery attack group. The story of Bill in the early 90s's brilliant and awkward coexistence is not to say, the levy and Jim - Kelly (Jim Kelly) in the 98 quarter before it has to pass the torch to Wade - Phillips (Wade Phillips) and 〉on Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts lose again in the home court, coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) position in jeopardy. currently pony 3 wins and 4 losses, Andrew (Andrew Luck), the bad performance, the team 3 wins in 2 games in Iraq - Haisilibeike injured Mata (Matt Hasselbeck) starting under the condition of complete. the worst news for Pagano is that the team may give up him in the middle of the season. This week, the pony will face 6 - 0 of the Carolina panther, then the home of the Denver wild horse. Then they had a bye week time adjustment. If the team lost the game, may ppagano's will leave early. related news: Pony plans to reduce the number of Gore holdingThe official website of NFL |: Obrien clowney can play in the first week of | football last season's champion show Jed viand (Jadeveon Clowney) - clowney is toward his 2015 season at full speed. Obrien Houston, Dezhou coach Bill (Bill O Brien) local time on Wednesday said, according to plan, will be played in the first week of clowney regular season. Obrien said: his knee is all right now, we will do our best to ensure that he can play in the first week of the game. Klauni said: I believe this, I am ready to participate in the game. When asked in red pass or run prevention, clowney added: "I was ready to deal with all situations. related sources, clowney won't play in the rest of the preseason, he will prepare for the regular season undivided attention. The new season, fans have been looking forward to the Watts (J.J. Watt and J.J. clowney) rushed pass combination will be the biggest surprise Dezhou defence group. On clowney, his first task is to keep healthy.

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