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Central base |2015 National Women's softball Champions Cup 2015 - Ming Yu Sheng Jing Xincheng Cup National Women's Softball Championship in March 31st in the beautiful Yunnan Xishuangbanna hand curved rod base training base at. Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Henan, Guangdong, Sichuan and the people's Liberation Army a total of 9 teams participated in the 8 days of competition, the competition is the second winter this year after the first official national competition. teams are encouraged to cultivate young pitchers and create more chances for them, Chinese Softball Association after full deliberation, decided to make a useful attempt, the competition approaches to reform: first, to increase the number of team members, can offer 3-5 shots per team, two hands; during one cycle of the preliminaries, do not perform leading rules ahead of the end of the game, the game was played to 7, three limit per Bureau; pitcher per game up innings and the single round robin at least outs. champi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping onship after the division will continue to host Banna National Youth Championships in 2015 and a youth qualifying.tiger news June 10th New York giants coach Ben Mcadoo (Ben McAdoo) did not want to talk about those who did not attend the offseason training team player, but he expects everyone to participate in mini camp. , according to ESPN reports, Mcadoo didn't mention any team's name, but he obviously thought he would take part in next week's mandatory Mini training camp, taking the Odell Beckham Jr. and defending Olivier Olivier Vernon (Olivier Vernon) as the next week's ESPN. "of course, I expect everyone to come," Mcadoo said. "I don't spend time talking about attendance. This is a mini training camp. We expect everyone to come to training next week. " Beckham and Vernon did not participate in any voluntary offseason training team. Although Vernon got a big contract a year ago, whether Beckham made it clear or not, he was looking for a new contract. The two people participated in charities or business activities in New York this week. was asked whether he was out of contact with two players and Mcadoo was reluctant to talk about it.reported that the falcons will let Vic Beasley return to full defense and let him stay in the team longer. according to Atlanta media reports, the team general manager Thomas - Dimitrov (Thomas Dimitroff) on Wednesday announced that the team will perform Beasley fifth year contract options. Beasley is the 2015 8 show, the Falcon rounded out the Super Bowl 2016 season, he finished 15.5 sacks. But last season to play linebacker, Beasley rushed transfer efficiency drop, made only 5 sacks. So the coach Dan Quinn decided to get him back to the most comfortable position. if the 2018 season is unsatisfactory, the falcons may also consider withdrawing the decision to carry out the contract options.| men handball handball League Guangdong qualify for the championship group | League semi-final all released | hand Association map is Guangdong 4 Li Zhuoyang shot in the first leg of this year's league match Luca Beijing time on the night of May 13th, 2011 China men's handball League fourth south station started in Guangdong, the first round of Jiangsu and Guangdong respectively to defeat their opponents, the Guangdong team won the title after winning the qualifying group, four in the league this year Xiao jie. in the first game and has won the title qualified team to 33-22 victory over South Jiangsu ranked at the bottom of the Anhui team, the first half team Jiangsu in 19-13 for victory, the second half team Jiangsu to storm the poor will be gradually expanded, eventually won a victory. second game between Guangdong team and Shanghai team, these two teams are competing for the South Second qualifying team, both teams had only 2 points, so the contest between each other is very important, but the unexpected is the game showing a one-sided situation, the Guangdong team in the first half of 14-7 leading eventually to 27-16 victory over Shanghai team, the integration between the two points difference widened to 4 points. There are only four games left in the first stage of south area. There are two matches for each team. According to the rules of the tournament, if the two teams have the same score, first compare the score between the two teams. Guangdong and Shanghai meet in the League 4 times, and Guangdong team wins 3 wins and 1 losses. Therefore, even if Shanghai team win two games, including defeating the powerful Jiangsu team, Guangdong team will lose the two matches and win the qualifying match, it will still be Guangdong team. fourth in the Southern District station than the first round after the end of the game, the Guangdong team has been locked in the second district Championship Group qualification. At the same time, the top four of the handball League also unveiled this year: Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong and Beijing. In the final stage of the competition, the four teams will start a single cycle race to compete for the league title. (Liu Xiangqian)

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