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The official website of NFL | steel before the defence coordinator is expected to join the football Cardinals | Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau (Dick LeBeau) - announced last week that left the Steelers, despite rumors that he would retire, but in an interview with Lebeau explicitly denied this. A few days later, the LBO trend once again become the focus of attention. Pittsburgh local media reports, and the Arizona Cardinals have Lebeau coach Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) contact, he is very able to in the next season to the Cardinals defensive coordinator reappeared on the sidelines. originally Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd (Todd Bowles) - BLS will likely take a head coaching job, which makes the vacancies left by the Cardinals had to start some action in the coach market. The insider said, the Cardinals are very interested in Lebow, he took the initiative to contact A Ryans is to facilitate the conversation. At the same time, the Cardinals are willing to further transform and upgrade the defense strength of the. although both sides of this cooperation is full of interest, but still willing to accept the LBO interview several other teams. Now, the only thing we can be sure is that the LBO will continue as the defensive coordinator for the 2015 season.Alexander Lorenzo - NFL official website, does not want to leave Bill and go football nest linebacker Lorenzo Alexander in 2016 and Bill signed a contract of $885 thousand a year, with him in this season's performance, it can b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e said that the value of the price. Alexander Satibuffalobil was injured in the outside line. He got 76 escapement, 12.5 escapement in the whole year, 3 forced ball drop and 1 copying. In order to win a place in the professional bowl, he was also awarded the Orlando professional bowl defense MVP. Alexander is going to become a free agent again. His performance will earn himself a bigger contract. After five rounds in the past four years, he hopes to remain in Bill. the days I live in are long enough. I really don't want to find a new host. Alexander said, I love buffalo Bill, I love the fans here, it's a city with rugby history. I'd love to stay here, but you know, business is business, too many variables. , due to the change of Bill coaching team, the fit between Alexander and the defensive system may decrease, and Bill also has other free players who need to leave, including corner guard Stephen Gilmore and four points Wei Tai Rhodes Taylor. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | college football bowl and the | football NCAA is the abbreviation of National College Athletic Association, college sports alliance. As the first sport in the United States, rugby is naturally in it. College football is basically NFL, and the match time is the same as NFL, and every Saturday is on time. There are roughly 4 pre - season, 12 regular and 1 BOWL GAME games in a year. The university rugby game arrangement is not much different from the NFL. They are all playing 1 games with the opponents in the division, and then playing with the opponents outside the area. The schedule is quite helpless, and many teams may not be able to meet once in 50 years. The news that we can now know about rugby is basically DIV-A, A level, TV will be broadcast, and these schools are the top of the country. There are few messages at the AA level, and they don't have to be introduced. DIV-A has 11 partitions plus 4 independent teams. 6 of them are BCS partitions, and the teams in these areas can qualify for the national championship race. Namely, ACC (the Atlantic coastal zone), BIG EAST (Dadong District), BIG TEN (big ten league), BIG 12 (big twelve alliance), PAC-10 (Pacific 10 school district), SEC (southeast area), another team is BCS team, NOTRE DAME University of Notre Dame. They are also qualified to compete for the national championships. In the BCS partition, the following partitions are re - partitioned, ACC, BIG 12, SEC. It was divided into 2 areas, and 2 teams in the 11 games were finished, and the best 2 teams in each area were divided into the division Championships. The winner will represent the partition in the BCS BOWL. non - BCS partitions are: Conference USA, Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt, Western Athletic. The teams of these divisions do not mean to be unable to compete in the national championship competition, but because the difficulty of these teams is rather low. The voting of the association will never consider them entering the national championship. Last year BOISE STATE, they are WESTERN ATHLETIC division, after the 12-0 season. In the end, after negotiation and voting, they made a historic entry into FIESTA BOWL and the big 12 champion OKLAHOMA. It is also a start, and we can also know that the team will be able to ensure full victory to enter the BCS BOWL competition. The most interesting thing for people who know most about NCAA FOOTBALL is the BOWL GAME, a bowl game. It's also there.Original title: history: a paper read Jersey advertising sports and business confusion dispute in the global scope, most football historians agree that Uruguay was the Rolle football club in the last century in 50s, for the first time the concept of shirt sponsorship into the physical world. Now, in all the music... Original title: advertising history: a paper read jersey sports and business Fangcun dispute , most of the football historians in the world agree with the view that Uruguay's pea Rolle Football Club introduced the concept of the sponsorship of the Jersey to the sports world for the first time in the 50s of last century. now, in the face of various clubs and sponsors, but still in the complex cooperation, to find a mutually beneficial and win-win way. special author / Luo Zhen The birth of editor / Chen Siyi shirt looks back on two different arguments about Drake · Derek Dougan's behavior in 1976. a view that he alone may lead the sport from darkness to light, because he left the club by embracing the market to earn a lot of extra income becomes possible; and some people think that he is Satan's assistant, is also in the process of globalization has become more simplification and lack of characteristics make him the sport of football. anyway, dug meant a lot of football. as a player, Dugan talented in Wolverhampton wolves in history. In addition, he is a regular visitor to the national football team of Northern Ireland by virtue of his excellent ball skill. finally ended his career in the 1975-76 season, duer in the non league team, ketning Town Football Club. In fact, he had three positions: player, coach and CEO. In addition, dug was also the chairman of the England Professional Football Association, but he was not afraid that he would have a conflict with the association. with innovative spirit, attractive and not afraid to take chances once Dugan also recorded his personal mini album (EP), the album included his own cover Kaleidoscope song "A Dream for" Julie, Dugan lyrics slightly modified expression tribute to his teammates. In addition, dug was one of the first people to publicly support English psychedelic music, and he was one of the earliest footballers to shave their heads. As of 1970s a TV expert. Dugan is often one of the greatest football coaches in England's Blaine · (Brian Clough.); clough altercation. at that time, as the chief executive of the football club in kitten, dug reached a co m with the local tyre manufacturer Kettering tires.

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