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new England patriots are seeking reliable near fronts recently. According to many messages, patriots are currently trying to deal with Indianapolis pony's near end Dwayne Dwayne (Dwayne Allen). now Allen's contract is $17 million 400 thousand for 3 years, and the patriots may be swapping a fourth round show for Allen and a sixth round draft. this contract may indicate the Matra Lawrence Bennet (Martellus Bennett) in the Patriot time entered the countdown, Bennet is now a free agent, he had to rob G Ron koves Ki (Rob Gronkowski) were injured during play a huge role. Allen, 27, has gone through 5 seasons in pony, and has completed 35 passes and 406 yards and 6 touchdown in last season. The pony has just signed a con cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tract with Jack Doyle, the near end.The official website of NFL | anger, mad saints fans threw beer bottles to | football referee sits against the New Orleans saints with home court for a League South Carolina Panthers game is one aspect of the game today, with the two level however, be roughly the same team has played a one-sided game, the Panthers to 41:10 bloodbath saints. with the season coming to an end, the League playoff contention South has become the day of the beginning of the season, disappointing the Atlanta falcons recent state to pick up, after the victory over rival Arizona Cardinals last week wins with the same saints reached 5 games, so this field division civil war on saints importance is self-evident, it is obvious that such a painful the negative result is difficult to make the saints fans satisfied with the end of the first section they were menacing Black Panther hit a 17:0, an angry fans even after a touchdown the Panthers to the referee after throwing a beer bottle, this moment was captured by the photographer.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?NBA's latest Jersey sales have come out. is the 33 year old James was first in the league, recently against James's strong play, the Cavaliers have been out of trouble, they are currently enjoying the game winning streak, while James is getting better and better, his shooting percentage is higher and higher, especially the three ball has reached more than 40%. second is kcuri, not to explain, the strongest three points in history, plus the handsome appearance, the shirt sales of course is a far lead. The third is Durant, despite the summer Durant said a lot of controversial things, although again thunder is not too happy, but this season, Durant's performance is really no solution, stability is synonymous with him. fourth is a little, full of passion, plus the performance of the last season's shock, it is difficult for people to dislike being small. Fifth is the sixth embid de and Simmons, this is a bit surprised, but also in the reason, it's just Nebid played second years, he and the first grade Simmons let 76 people see a bright future. this season the most promising MP Harden, in Jersey sales actually ranked seventh, make it difficult to accept, play such a stunning performance of Harden, Jersey popularity is not well Peter and Simmons Gogh, confused. The alphabet and the Bo God broke out this season, and they were on the list for their affirmation. Now Leonard can say it's the first ten, come back. read the original copyright statement: the content and editing of this article are from the Internet

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