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The official website of NFL | Cardinals coach tendency in the last match with rookie quarterback | Rugby in preparation for the seventeenth week and the 49 San Francisco games, the Arizona Cardinals will usher in their season fourth starting quarterback. coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) announced on Monday that he preferred in the next game starting rookie quarterback Logan Thomas (Logan Thomas). He promised to make a decision as soon as possible, and if he did not see what he wanted to see, the decision could be delayed until the end of this week's training. Although lost to the Seattle Seahawks quarterback in playing the game in Ryan Lindley (Ryan Lindley) only completed 41% passes, the team made 6 points, Arians insisted on their own still have confidence in him. It's just a lot of pass that can't be done, and the coaching team wants to be able to see more of Thomas. I think we have to understand what he could do, Arians said of Thomas. If you think about his ability, you want to plan for the future and the playoffs. That's my job, and I want to make sure that we think about every aspect. said the team's top four Stanton Arians quarterback Drew (Drew Stanton) last week suffered a sprained knee slightly repeatedly. If Drew really healthy, we will start him, Arians said. But I don't think it's going to happen in the next game. The coach also expressed optimism that Stanton was ready to play in t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he playoffs because he wanted to be ready. is not the only place Cardinals quarterback the offensive team was concerned. Arians also admitted that the team's top wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) from the state far from his knee sprain before. Arians estimate of Fitzgerald health in about 70%. even injuries to key players, the Cardinals have no plans in the last game of the regular season to rest the starters. We play is to win, Arians said. if the Cardinals lost to 49 people, it is likely that they will challenge in the playoffs in the 11 - 4 Dallas cowboys. If they win, they are more likely to face the poor national champions in the south.NFL's official website, Matt Ryan said after the game: wish we could avoid the sacks in football nest Matt Ryan ran out offensive protection net, look to the right, long pass found wide receiver Julio Jones. The star over the feet point, in the sector, completed the catch on the defensive backs on the head. This is the most close to the super bowl by the falcons, leading the new England patriots 8 points and on the front 22 yards of the opponent's array. If you finish a shot, the falcons lead the 2 ball. with the de Feng tower - Freeman a red ball lost yardage, Ryan captured and killed 12 yards. At this point, it has come to the edge of the range. The falcons wanted to retake some more positions for better shooting position. But then an attack Disasters pile up on one another., holding, the falcons offensive group back to the first half, directly out of range. After punt, Brady led the Patriots in the 10 attack, 91 yards, and 2 additional points to put the game into overtime, eventually winning lore. Falcon fans think, then just run the ball 3 times, finishing after the game for the coach can win, tactics questioned. Offensive coordinator Karl Shannon who said in an interview: if you can run the ball all the time, that's good. When you are on the scene, you should analyze the situation. We want to score in the final, but was sacked because people and offensive foul, so we missed the opportunity. It's impossible for to run the ball until we get a free kick of more than 50 yards. We always do everything possible to get all the chance to push it. We can get the code number, but was sacked and foul is not my choice. Ryan was killed is a turning point in the game, the Falcons quarterback in the game told reporters: for me, I could find the opportunity to pass the ball rather than was killed, it is very important for us. It was really frustrating that the attack had pushed us to 22 yards and finally came back to the place where we started the attack. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.today is the Nerazzurri International Club of Milan's 110 birthday, in 110 years of ups and downs, inter gave birth to countless very crazy star. There is such a star, although he did not achieve what playing for inter memorable achievements, but one of his back, a goal, a celebration, a kiss, let all the Inter fans in mind, he is the melancholy Prince Robert Baggio. 1998 years after the world cup, with a season before Bologna's excellent play, and eye-catching performance of the French World Cup, Robert Baggio was president Massimo Moratti dug in the Nerazzurri, Juventus and AC Milan two Serie A giants, Baggio finally have the opportunity to join the club he supported as a boy. Put on a black shirt. , when Baggio chose the number, inadvertently made a classic that the Inter fans had to relish later. Baggio wants to wear on behalf of the core team jersey No. 10, while inter No. 10 belongs to the world player of the year, is in the occupation career peak aliens Ronaldo, Ronaldo willingly concede 10 Jersey to Baggio, but insisted on wearing the team's No. 9, No. 9, the original owner, but MORANO two big name, select number 18, to persuade the boss Moratti, proud and arrogant Chile Feng BA in the jersey of the "1" and "8" with a small "+", become "1+8", is still the No. 9 shirt, this has also become the history of the classic inter. however, dream of the combination Rolls Royce did not achieve the desired results in the injury, Ronaldo constantly, and Baggio only played one season strikes, met the enemy of life Lippi, two people relations deteriorated, stubborn Baggio refused to yield, after playing for inter two season, Baggio left Milan international that left 17 ball data in 59 games, Vieri Baggio Ronaldo - Super combination, only briefly teamed up a season dissolved.The official website of NFL | ram catcher | football quarterback Fowles praised Saint Louis rams in the offseason traded for the young quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles). After the training camp started, he was actively engaged in training, and his performance was recognized by his teammates. In an interview, Kenny Britt (Kenny Britt) said in an interview: we love him. He can pass a great long distance pass. close - end Jared - Cook (Jared Cook) is also very satisfied with the new team mate: he can finish any pass. I'm glad he can be one of us, and I love him too much. He brought us a lot, and the rhythm was very fast. He is a positive young man. in the effectiveness of the Philadelphia Eagle during the period of the Philadelphia eagle, the record of 14 to 4 negative, during the completion of the ball 40 times, was cut 12 times. In the 2013 season, his quarterback passes up to 119.2, but he suffered a clavicle injury in the latter part of last season. Looking forward to the new season, Fowles hopes to get back the state of the year, with the rams to the playoffs.

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