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NetEase sports September 24th report: for president Xi Jinping, this is a special gift: a rugby, an American Football Jersey, and a 7 to 7 Rugby lecture. "I'm very excited about my ability to introduce our team to Mr. President." 17 year old Lincoln high safety Knowles very excitedly said, "I really want to let him fall in love with this American football (football)." was rarely known that President Xi Jinping had seen the American football game on the scene in 1993. "He told me that the match was between the University of Washington and the other team." Simon, the runner, said. In 1993, President Xi Jinping visited Fuzhou Tucker and visited Lincoln High School as the chairman of the Fuzhou Municipal Committee. At that time, University of Washington rugby team was in the best period of history. From 1991, it entered the Rose Bowl Final 3 times and won the two time. because of the wide area, the United States does not have a unified national high school league, but takes the state as a unit, but as long as the performance is excellent, it can also get the favor from universities. Attended the ceremony, and explain the 7 man football rules Lincoln High School 1992 graduates lost to President Xi Jinping Miloy is an example of stud cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ying at Lincoln High School, he has 3 time all American high school team, after graduating from high school in University of Washington, and then entered the NFL -- the most popular sports league the United States, and worked on by China fans of the new England patriots. if the American rugby movement is compared to Pyramid, then NFL is the sparkling tip of the tower, the cornerstone is stronger and stronger, the higher the top of the tower, the more visible. In fact, in the United States, NFL is the first truly national sports and sports. In the United States, 7 of the Americans over the age of 12 are NFL fans. In 2015 the new England patriots super bowl against the Seattle Seahawks, the ratings reached unbelievable 49.7%, the number of Super Bowl ratings high, more than Major Sports League finals, the Olympic Games opening and closing ceremony and awards ceremony Grammy, Oscar and the audience, which was dubbed the "Spring Festival Gala" -- this parable to truth every year, the Super Bowl halftime will invite top stars live performances, one of the most well known is the 1993 twenty-seventh super bowl on Michael Jackson's classic. NFL Richard Young, general manager of China, said: "American football is the most popular sport among the American people. NFL is the most popular sports league in the US. In recent years, American football has developed very rapidly in China, and it is especially popular with young people. Maybe that's one of the reasons why this sport can enter this visit to the United States. now, this passion, the sport of male beauty, has found the biggest kicker. Lincoln is 1The official website of NFL | Raiders announced the signing of two consecutive | football defender local time on Wednesday, the Oakland Raider announced two contracts, and the team has two defensive generals. According to reports, the Raiders have and former Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Dan Williams (Dan Williams) and former New Orleans saints linebacker Curtis Lofton (Curtis Lofton) agreement. lovelton's performance reached the average level of the league's line guard and was only 28 years old with a strong leadership. The experience of lovelton and the attitude of the game are also the weight of the Raiders. Williams is currently in the league are pure spike, his arrival will bring an immediate effect on the frontier defense raiders. Although the Raiders hold a large amount of salary space, the team remains rational when choosing free players and is committed to finding the right player. At present, they have signed the center Rodney Hodson (Rodney Hudson), run Roy Roy Roy (Helu) and line Wei Malcolm Smith (Malcom Smith). Although the biggest star player in the free market has not been snatch, the Raiders are against the drug, and each contract has a strong point of view. The fans expect the Raiders to continue to do something in the next few days., another year's professional bowl competition is about to start in the desert city Feinikesi this weekend. In this year's competition, the League will introduce two rules. first, the width of the ball will change from the original 18 feet to 14 feet. Now 18 feet 6 inches wide from the last century since the establishment of the 20s alliance had not changed, and the League also in recent years to a proposal to let the kick has become more challenging, including in pre-season 1 additional separate ball position from the original to the 2 yard line back to the 15 yard line, results in the trial in 33 games there have been a total of 8 missed, and in 2013 the entire season, additional points only 5 times missed. , in addition, the number of pause will also change. The two teams in this match can get two suspension opportunities in each session, instead of three times in the past half court. If a team is not used or suspended for only one time in the first quarter or the third quarter, they will add a pause chance in second or fourth.The Dallas Cowboys running back before the Hall of Famer Emmet - Smith (Emmitt Smith) on Sunday the team defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after Cowboys rookie running back from Iraq Seoul - Elliot (Ezekiel Elliott) high evaluation. Smith for the season is very optimistic about the Cowboys after the game he gave, rookie quarterback Darko Preiss (Dak Prescott) and Scott Elliot sent a message said: "I wish you good luck, keep healthy and take your ring." Smith said: "it's a great honor to watch the cowboy win the game against the pirates tonight, especially to see Elliot's excellent performance." I am very proud of the present cowboys. These boys are finishing their dreams in their own way. I wish them good luck, especially for Dakota and Elliot. Remember to keep healthy and take your rings. the cowboy's performance this season was Smith's cowboy in 90s. Now the cowboy is 12 - 2, and they are still working hard for the playoffs. and Elliot still need 223 yards to break Smith's personal run record of 297 yards in a single season.

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