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Denver Broncos coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) in his team since February last year, 35 points the first playoff game in super bowl after the failure of the upcoming, turning to the NBA Sanantonio spurs. the Broncos this Sunday against the Indiana Colts in the home court, tickets for the American League championship. Fawkes said the Spurs lost to the Miami heat in the seventh games of the 13 year NBA finals, and 14 years back in the East and won the championship in the fifth games. So he wants his team to get the Super Bowl in the same way. "I think it's a bit similar," he said in an interview with ESPN, . The Spurs lost their championship very disappointed the year before, as we did last year. But they can get up and win the championship. That's what I told the players. I enjoyed the Coach Gregg Popovich and I enjoyed the Spurs. So the unique thing is that we need to work hard. "An encounter | football official NFL | Regent Street in London and NFL local time on Saturday, October 24th, it was a wonderful day for American football fans. London's Regent Street is usually a busy street, during the day on Saturday from Oxford square to the Piccadilly Circus, the whole day for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bill at Wembley preheating. In addition to the usual running routes, huge cheap nfl jerseys free shipping grab poles, food and drinks, cheerleading players and players are coming out of activities, which makes it difficult for you to imagine that this sport has been developing so fast overseas. follows the footsteps of NFL staff. We find that fans at the scene include all ages, men, women, children, and even dress up the stars for the pets. We found a variety of Jersey, including Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson), Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz), Joe - Montana (Joe Montana), Tom Brady (Tom Brady), Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), Toni (Tony Romo), by Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) and so on. The player's jersey. we have been blessed with a man named Matt - Harris (Matt Harris) in the field of teacher exchanges, he taught the children of American football in the school's curriculum, he said in the British children not to play football and rugby, now also began to play football, he said: in the past four years, the children began to understand its rules, learn how to understand American football, the players, this is the change in recent years. Harris also tries to Jaguar introduced to his friends, he said after his trip to Florida, he has 12 years of Jaguar fans, before he is NBA Orlando Magic fans, but that he is back with a Jaguar hat and Tampa Bay Buccaneers home jersey. He said he didn't want to be an unprincipled fan, so he finally chose Jaguar. , we also met Nigel Xia Naide (Nigel Sharnand). He is 22 years old. He was a fan of New York jet in 2012. He came to the United States that year to watch the match between the jet and Miami dolphins. Before that, he started watching NFL's International Series from 2007. , in fact, it's not just Regent Street. This week, we saw how NFL ignited the city. We watched a football match together, and then looked forward to the competition between jaguar and Bill on Sunday. People here were very willing to accept rugby., the general manager of a NFL team, said that in this year's draft, the 2 edition of ray Lewis (Ray Lewis) was selected - and a faster version. CBS in a description from the University of California at Los Angeles linebacker Meyers Jack (Myles Jack) in the article, the author described this evaluation: "when I asked a NFL team general manager Jack is Baltimore and former great star - Lewis crow compared, his answer is:" yes but Jack, faster. "" , while Jack modestly responded to saying such a comparison was too early. "When I heard me comparing him with him, I felt like, 'slow down, don't say that first,'" Jack said. "I have to win such an evaluation. I have to make progress before I can compare with him, my name and his name appear together. He will be remembered by generation and generation. Everyone knows ray Lewis. You can't compare yourself with your idol. You want to take him as an example, but it's too fast to compare with him. I want to get to this level, but first of all. " Lewis and Jack are two feet, 6 feet and 1 inches tall. Lewis weighed 235 pounds when he entered the League (he said he was 8 pounds lighter now) and spent most of his career between 250 and 260 pounds until he lost weight again in his last season. when Lewis joined the draft in 1996, he faced a question about whether he was enough to be a midline in NFL. Of course, the game is different from 20 years ago, and the team is more excited about Jack's unique overall ability than his body. Most of the NFL simulation draft pick Jack predicted the Jacksonville Jaguars in fifth overall, while Jaguar and crow are in this week invited Jack to visit the team, crow is in the sixth overall selection. In view of the increasing praise of Jack, he will be of great value no matter how high he is selected.NFL's official website, Jamal Charles had a pay cut may stay at the Emirates, Waterloo Rugby After joined the wild horse, running Jamal - Charles (Jamaal Charles) recently told stories of some former chieftain chiefs. Charles said he could accept a $3 million 750 thousand cut in his annual salary in order to stay with the chief. But the other side did not give him a chance. I thought they would give me a grace period. Charles said, but I also know that business is business. If they give me the heart, I will accept it, because I think it's a great kindness to allow me to stay in the team. When I received the phone, I told myself that Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) had also experienced this kind of thing. Charles finally signed a one-year contract with wild horse, with a base salary of 900 thousand yuan, a training bonus of 1 million dollars, and a bonus of up to 3 million 750 thousand dollars after all the incentive bonuses and field scale list. Charles said he was not disappointed in the failure of the chief to offer him a contract. I feel this is more personal to the chief than for me. They let me go, but I love the community. I was sweating and bleeding, tearing ACL, meniscus. That's all my memories of Kansas City. My heart is always with it. Charles is now getting a chance to play in Denver. If he behaves well, Kansas City may have to regret his decision. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.

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