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Olives: the other side of the coin: "Superman" Newton and "old cadre" Manning Kim - Newton in a touchdown after the ball to the array area of small fans Star online news, Carolina Black Panther and Denver wild horse will compete for the fiftieth Super Bowl champion at Levi's stadium in Beijing in February 8th. In February 8th, there will be 18 Chinese media live in the world. Direct dialogue this game is also known as the core of the Carolina Panthers quarterback, the 26 year old Superman dialogue between Newton and the Denver Broncos nearly 40 year veteran Payton - Manning. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the star - studded performance in the game, the two people have the other side that is not well known. Superman Newton: to publicize the personality in the field, and to show the warmth of the game outside the field Before the season, the Carolina Panthers were not optimistic about the tail section for a 13 straight final season in team history, the creation, the anti secrecy windtight, offensive means rich, of which four quarterback Newton Kamm tribute. Kim - Newton (Cameron Newton) was born in 1989, is a "quasi 90". And Payton's experience is similar to that of two people are young and famous, Newton is the fi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rst in the history of American football in the same year won the national championship, and was elected the Heisman champion College player. Diverse means of attack, and rushed the ball extraordinary skills matrix, after entering the league, Newton still be like a lion, 96 to 1 meters and 120 kilograms of flip up front is as the acme of perfection. Fly into the end zone offense and touchdowns after the torn clothing celebration and won the "Superman" reputation for Newton. When was shining on the court, Newton had a warm side. At Sherlock's home, Newton liked to send the ball to the small fans on the bench after he finished his own game. Once a fan wrote to Sherlock, one of the reasons that he liked Newton was that he always gave the ball to the children. And Newton is advised not to do such a silly thing in the super bowl, hoping that he can save a few of them and send them to Carolina's local children's charity. besides warmth, Newton also has a Christian religious side. In 2010, with the pony headed quarterback Lakshmi compete with Heisman, won the Newton humbly said: "it's all thanks to God, I thank God every day, I just helped him to complete his tools, our daily life in the world." Last year he went to the scene of the Sherlock shooting, listening to the surviving teenagers about the misfortune. veteran Manning: Zonda young fame, with gorgeous staged Manning itself is legendary, as early in 1998 as the top draft of the draft to enter NFL, 18 years to create a number of NFL pass records, he was a lot of balls 〉when Charles - Charles Woodson finally decided to retire, it was not far from the day he was elected to the hall of fame. and Thursday night's night match was added to his record in the Oakland Raiders' home victory over the Kansas chiefs. van derson captured the Emirates' quarterback Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith) in the third quarter. According to the record of VIC Duran in the San Francisco record, by virtue of this capture, vanderson became the first player to achieve 20 hits and 50 cuts in the history of NFL. van derson spent 17 seasons in the Green Bay Packers and the present Raiders, and now has 58 copies and 20 escapement. He was picked by the Raiders in the first round of fourth CIS in 1998.New York jets interviewed former buffalo coach Doug Maloney (Doug Maloney) on local time on Saturday. According to the NFL official, the jets have been paying attention to him for a long time and contacted him immediately after announcing a jump out of the contract. local time on Wednesday, Maloney announced that he would separate from Bill. According to the lover, Maloney is also very interested in the position of the jet coach. The two sides hit it off in contact, quickly set up a meeting time. As a rival, Maloney is very familiar with jets, and people also think that Maloney's jets will be a win-win decision. has finished the season of Bill and the jet, according to the alliance regulations. So if the two sides can agree, they will have the right to sign the contract at any time. At the end of the interview, the representatives of both sides have not yet heard the specific situation. He will meet with the Atlanta falcons on Monday local time, according to the previous NFL official's website. The insider said Maloney himself was not in a hurry to make the final decision. He wished to have more time to understand different teams, and at the same time to make more detailed comparisons.The official website of NFL | packers Coach: Ray West also played harder to | football this season, Eddie Rey is thought to have a chance to become one of the best running guards in the league. He has the strength to become a key player in the attack, but the first three games in the Green Bay packaging production season, and expectations are different things. The offense of the packers can only be in the middle of the league, while Rey's performance is not satisfactory. Sunday's game proved this point: in the end zone in the west of thunder grabbed, causing safety, at the same time a lost ball, the opponent was return touchdown. He has 11 times the ball could not crossed the line of scrimmage and the last season of the offensive rookie of the season only 3.1 yards, haven't completed a touchdown. Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy), the packer's coach, said in an interview on Monday local time: "resi needs to perform better." This will be the only one I've talked about in public, and we look at the video and need to be improved. Our ground attack is far from expected. NFL expert Mike (Mike Mayock) - MA York, and the Detroit lions game packaging production has a chance of winning. The lion was on the front line only to arrange 4 people routinely, but the packers were repeatedly defeated in the battle, and Lacey was not enough to change the situation. The backcourt of the wrapper needs to help Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) as far as possible. Mccarthy's view is also clear: Rey must begin to assume his responsibility.

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