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Even even football equipment network Adidas and France Lyon proudly launched Lyon 2014-15 season new home court Jersey, the team will be in the Saturday of the season between the French League Cup and Paris Saint Germain in the finals for the first time in new jersey. this is the debut of the 2014-15 season, Lyon's first Jersey, called a combination of modern and elegant perfect. and the national team to participate in the Brazil world cup jerseys, Lyon New Jersey the use of adizero technology to produce lighter and more comfortable playing uniforms, weight more than 40%, less than 100 grams, is the lightest ever Adidas team since the manufacturing. It helps the players to perform faster and play more freely on the field. The fan version of the Jersey uses ClimaCool technology to ensure air permeability and keep dry during the movement.the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) had to stand up and break him and took over Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) the relationship between. last week due to misses Edelman led the season Brady was first steals, but the interception was also completed a touchdown run back. Brady recently joked: "yes, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping this week I didn't talk to him, as he knew, I was very angry with him." Brady explained: "he's great, he was a quarterback is now a great receiver. These things happen. He has done so many great catches and runs. I love him. This is the respect he deserves in this team. Let's expect his performance on Sunday. in sixth weeks, 2 times the ball lost Edelman rare, in the past 5 games he 40 receptions for 449 yards with 4 touchdowns. Sunday's game will face former team mate Darrel Edelman - ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis), 2013 Nianaideerman against ray Weiss finished 7 catches for 44 yards.in 7 minutes, Marcel (Marcell Dareus) - Daliusi in shocked and sad to bear these words to describe he was traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars after feeling. on Monday morning if he has participated in the first training Jaguar Daliusi, said he was still trying to adapt to the fact of trading. "I haven't recovered," said daliusi. "I was still shocked. I was shocked to be traded. I'm shocked by this defense, the team... I'm still digesting these things. It's only three days, only three days. " , the newest member of the Jaguar said he felt the team might be negotiating a deal last week, but he continued to prepare for Buffalo Bill's match against Oakland Raiders. When he was told that he was traded to the Jaguar, things began to grow very quickly. friends and teammates came to his home on Friday night to say goodbye to him. On Saturday morning, he took a one-way ticket to the airport. "some unbearable," said daliusi. "Aware that something will happen, but at the same time, I am preparing for the competition. We have made the competition plan, and I have been training all week. I am concentrating on training and trying to get rid of the negative ideas. When I received a phone call and a series of events happened, I didn't want to tell a lie. It made me feel sad because I knew it was a one-way ticket for Zhang (to Jacksonville). "things very quickly, when I did not react to Sherlock, then a blink time I went to Jacksonville and coach greeted at the world's largest cocktail party, all of these things happen when you think the world is changing too fast. Traded, boarded an airplane, attended a cocktail party, went to the stadium, greeted, left, came to the hotel room, lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling: what happened? is not completely familiar with the Jaguar daliusi. The Jaguar manager Doug Malone (Doug Marrone) and the offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett (Nathaniel Hackett) taught Bill between 2013 and 2014. Jaguars assistant defensive coach Jason Leibu striker Petrovic (Jason Rebrovich) was Bill's assistant coach / defensive line quality control. Daliusi under Malone gained two career best season, a total of 17.5 sacks were selected and the occupation bowl. now, Daliusi need to emulate the Jaguar defense system and understand what their most suitable location. The Jaguar's running ability is at the bottom of the league ranking (138.6 yards on the field.) Daliusi trading have become big news because of his abilities as a defensive tackle at hand but he came inside is the best anti union running ability.since the Denver Broncos won the super bowl, von Miller (Von Miller) seems to be everywhere, including "dancing with the stars, but one of his teammates that he will attend the Broncos starting next Monday's off-season training. Miller has not directly expressed themselves whether to participate in the training, but cornerback AKI Budd Talib (Aqib Talib) said on Monday that Miller told him that he intends to take part in. "I think he's going to be there on the 18 day," said tarib on Monday. "The last time I talked to him, he said he would be trained on No. 18, like everyone." Mustang had previously labeled Miller with exclusive privileged players. This allowed Miller to get a one - year contract worth $14 million. Miller needs to sign the contract to take part in the training next Monday. was recently two Mustang label player, offensive tackle Ryan creditOn (Ryan Clady) and de Marius Thomas (Demaryius over Thomas) - before the start of training camp before the deal did not participate in the off-season training. "but I don't think Feng is dissatisfied with the privilege label," said tarib. "He is confident that one day he will get a good contract, whether it is this year or next year." no matter whether Miller will really participate in the off-season training remains to be seen. According to the arrangement, he will take part in the next round of competition in April 18th if he is in the "dance with the star" program. But Talib reiterated Monday that Miller expressed to participate in the offseason training idea.

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