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The official website of NFL, RAM appointed Falcon quarterback coach Raflo as the offensive coach in football nest Shortly after the Super Bowl had just finished, the Domino plate of the league's offensive coordinator position fell quickly. in Atlanta falcons appointed Steve Saji Steve (Steve Sarkisian) as an offensive coordinator, Losangeles rams hired the former Falcons quarterback coach Matt Matt (Matt LaFleur) as an offensive Coordinator on Wednesday. Raflo served as the Falcon's quarterback coach in the previous two seasons, and he had been a quarterback coach at the University of Notre Dame for a year before. His NFL coaching career started in 2008 when he served as a quality control coach for the Dezhou people of Houston. Raflo has with the new rams coach Sean McVeigh (Sean McVay) worked. During two to 2013 in 2010 in the Washington Post, at that time, McVeigh was tight end coach, Raflo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is the quarterback coach. McVey once said he would be responsible for the attack tactics. This will be the main task of Jean Raflo around the former champion quarterback Jared gove (Jared Goff) - build attack group. has taught a variety of quarterback experiences during his coaching career to help Ralo. McVey has said he intends to create an attack system that is suitable for Goff's ability. In the university age, Goff, who is the main player in the offensive attack system, is quite different from the professional style offensive system. Raflo and McVey will be responsible for ensuring that the player will not be defeated gove. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.the new England patriots kicker Stephen kousky gesite (Stephen Gostkowski) will become the highest paid kicker in the league. According to the NFL official, the patriots have agreed with Guest Kowski for a 4 - year contract worth $17 million 200 thousand. , the 31 year old Guest Kowski career shooting rate of 86.8%, has been regarded as one of the most stable kicker in the League over the past 8 years. In the past two seasons, the hit rate has reached 92.7% and 94.6%. In the new season, the league has introduced an additional new rule to extend the distance of the free kick to 15 yards, which also means that the stability of the kicker will be more important. over the past 3 seasons, Guest Kowski lost only 1 balls when he tried more than 50 yards of free kick.The official website of NFL, hall of Fame Game audience can only get the ticket refund cancel, football nest ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????t? In the statement, the cost of the ticket purchase through the credit card will be returned to the card, the check will not be cashed, and the cash payment fans can ask for a refund in person or by mail. The Hall of fame said it was not responsible for any ticket sold by any used ticket website, but the large web site had a full refund for the sold tickets. occupation Football Hall of fame President David - Beck (David Baker) said on Sunday that they will take the value of about 4 million of all ticket revenue dollars back to the non-profit organization of the Ohio coast. but some fans had previously thought they should be able to get more compensation, including accommodation or travel expenses. After all, the competition is due to the human factor - the problem of the site conditions caused by the identification of the paint - and not the force majeure.The official website of NFL | Panthers running back Williams will miss the game | football Carolina Black Panther is going downhill running DeAngelo DeAngelo Williams (ankle) will miss the battle against Green Bay Packers on Sunday. The team announced the news on Saturday. Williams appeared on the Friday's question list on Sunday. It seemed unlikely that he would play. Now we know that he will not play. This will be his third consecutive game this season, with a total of fifth games. black leopard also announced that the running guard Witt Taco (Fozzy Whittaker) will also be absent. Jonathan Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) - ute will start, the running back due to a knee injury and missed the last three games of the carolina. in the running back selection dilemma, expect to see the black panther in ground attack re play four quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) and reading offensive options. The rookie Calvin Kelvin Benjamin is still in doubt, and has to go through more than one concussion report before he starts playing again.

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