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The official website of NFL | temporarily don't think they will be absent Roethlisberger | football game quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) in Pittsburgh Steelers 38-35 victory over the Oakland Raiders game in the second time this season after the midfoot sprain halfway. Albert Brill (Albert Breer), a reporter on the NFL official network, reported that Big Ben would be absent for at least a few weeks. optimistic people will think the team in eleventh week in the bye week is a godsend and hope to substitute Delhi - Janice M. Vidal four Jones (Landry Jones) can help the Steelers in the next game against Cleveland Brown. Such a large version may be able to return in twelfth or thirteenth weeks. was more optimistic about himself, and he said on Tuesday that he did not think he would be absent from the game. Bye week time is very good, but I still don't think I will miss the next game, Rothlisberger said. I will watch the recovery every day... I can walk. I do not run or such things but do sensible things, do the doctor and trainer asked me to do, such as ice with wounds, let the pain disappear and rest, let the wound healed. Steelers coach Mike cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) told reporters on Tuesday. There is little chance of starting, but also said that we expect will play without him. although no one doubts the toughness of Ben Ben, but the sprain of the foot needs time to recover, otherwise the injury will continue and will continue to affect his performance this season. One might want to return to help the Steelers to keep game playoff contention, but he is very not be allowed out in the next game.The official website of NFL | lightning may still move to San Diego for Losangeles | football San Diego lightning chairman Dean spanos (Dean Spanos) said Friday that the team will stay in San Diego for the 2016 season, but has reached an agreement with the Saint Louis rams, if they can't find the stadium with the San Diego city long-term solution, they will move to Losangeles. : spanos the news on the club's official website: today I decided we will stay in San Diego to participate in the 2016 season, I hope to reach a long-term agreement on the new stadium. early Friday, San Diego media reported that the ram and the lightning has agreed to the new stadium shared in England Wood has not yet completed the. according to the relocation agreement previously reached, lightning in January 15, 2017 before a year's time to decide whether to relocate to Losangeles to be used will be completed in the 2019 season before England Wood stadium second teams. If the referendum held in San Diego failed to relevant public finance support if approved in November 15th this year, lightning can be deadline to January 15, 2018. , when the boss of the NFL team approved the move of the rams to Losangeles, the League gave the flash and the Oakland Raiders an additional 100 million dollars in financial support for the remaining teams to build the new stadium. In addition, lightning can also get a $200 million loan. if spanos finally let lightning in San Diego, lightning would get the money to build a new stadium.The official website of NFL | Stanton will continue as Cardinals starter | Rugby this week According to the official website reported that the Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (Cason Palmer) will continue to miss this week's game. ???????????????????????????3-?????Drew Stanton?????????????????????????? Although Palmer is still affected by his right shoulder injury, coach Bruce Arenas (Bruce Arians) still hopes that he can return to training. But a week to help Palmer overcome injuries, the Cardinals only continue to hope that Stanton can have a good performance. Stanton's arm strength and pass accuracy are very different from Palmer's, but he is good at attracting defensive player's attention, with excellent chance to grasp ability. He still leads the attack team in the absence of Palmer, and continues to move forward steadily. It was a hard match to play with the Mustang, but the team still believed that Stanton was able to make the best of A Ryans's tactics. 3 straight start cardinals, hope that through this tough battle, strengthen confidence, and consolidate the leading position in the west. Stanton so far this season, completed 32 passes, harvest 411 yards with 2 touchdown passes, no steals.Denver Broncos over the past few months have been telling anyone who will listen them in Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) and Bullock Aus Ville (retired Brock Osweiler) after leaving the team for quarterback is satisfied. Mark - Sanchez (Mark looks Sanchez) and Trevor (Trevor Siemian) - sago Ann will be the first to have a chance to compete first and last season in the offensive position under the condition of mediocre experience shows two Mustang Championship quarterback showed enough to lead the team to win. But that doesn't mean they won't miss Manning. In the interview with , Sylvester, Sylvester Williams, said that Manning not only used the performance on the field to lead us, but also said that the team would miss what he brought to as a leader. "I just think you can't replace a person like him," Williams said. "Because he is a strong man. You have to find other ways to bring that kind of energy to the locker room, because there will never be another Payton Manning in his locker room. Because, in my opinion, Payton is a hundred percent serious people, so when he talks, many people will be right and listen to it. It's unbelievable. " , no matter how confident the wild horse is for the performance of the quarterback on the pitch, it is foolish to expect anyone of them to have the same control over the locker room with Manning who has such a resume. There are many other veterans in the wild horse that can fill such a vacancy, and team power may have to play a role before the next leader.

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