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Handball | led by Liu Xiang Xinhua News Agency 2010 Chinese | top ten athletes | hand Association December 26th, Xinhua news agency, 2010 China sports top ten athletes: the upper left: Liu Xiang, Sun Yang, Wang Meng, Lao Yi, Zhou Suhong; the lower left: Lin Dan, Shen Xue, Li Na, Jiang Wenwen / Zhao Hongbo / Jiang Tingting, Hou Yifan was. Xinhua News Agencysaid that if Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) thought can be used for 17 weeks over the Miami dolphins to save his position when the dolphins Lamar Miller (Lamar Miller) 97 yards touchdown directly Ryan into the abyss. Miller third with 97 yard touchdown to help the dolphins 24 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to 14 lead New York jets. The 97 - yard flush is the longest NFL since the Green Bay Packer's Ahmad Green (Ahmad Green) 98 yards in 2003. ball record in the league's longest is 99 yards from the Dallas Cowboys running back Toni (Tony Dorsett) was created in the 1982 game against the Minnesota Vikings. and 97 yards are also the longest career records of Miller, enough to keep Lane in the last game of the jet fleet. But in the meters Leda array, Gino Smith (Geno Smith) with a 74 yard touchdown pass narrow dolphins score.The official website of NFL | veteran safety Taylor Metz will sign | football with the lion recently signed the Detroit lions free market safety Taylor Maes (Taylor Mays). The team announced the choice on Monday in the United States. Mace is the sixth season to join NFL. In the 2010 season, he played 49 games in San Francisco and in the 2011-14 season in Cincinnati. He completed 16 games last season and the secret service team. Maes was the second round of the 2010 draft, selected by 49, and the University was playing at the University of Southern Calif. At present, his total capture is 72 times.The official website of NFL | outside: not because the Seahawks took over his hometown team to reduce the price | football contract although the Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irwin (Bruce Irvin) said this week he would get to stay in the team, the same thing will happen over Jermaine in Kors (Jermaine Kearse) on the body. will become a free agent this season Kors played the best performance career, the completion of the 49 ball 685 yards and 5 touchdowns, ball number, size and number of touchdowns were a career high. I love my hometown, but I pay too much, so I can't accept the price reduction, Kors said. My first goal is to take care of the future of my family, so I will consider all the opportunities. Kors, 25, was born in REK Wood, Washington, in Washington, D.C., who spent his college career at University of Washington. In the 4 season of the Seahawks, he finished 112 ball 1599 yards and 10 touchdowns. He played against the Carolina Panthers game finished 11 ball 110 yards and 2 touchdowns in the seahawks. in addition to Irwin and Kors, there are many players will enter the Seahawks free player market, including the right guard J.R. Svich (J.R. Sweezy), left Jiefeng Russell - Austria (Russell Okung), air horn Wei Jie, Remy Ryan (Jeremy Lane) and defensive tackle Brandon mebane (Brandon Mebane) and Aitiba Lubin (Ahtyba Rubin).

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