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Real Madrid today officially announced the next season's new home court Jersey, white Real Madrid is still the eternal theme of the shoulder and sleeve is still there for more than 10 years Adidas lines, the new season of the color of the line turned blue, in accordance with the club's argument is referring to Real Madrid last century at the end of the 90s the beginning of this century and the Jersey style, we all know that in just a few season the team won 3 European champions league. New Jersey to front left chest badge as the center is in line with the shining star studded team position. After this season, Real Madrid bought more than to return to Florence and the star was finally left with nothing whatsoever, fans initially expected Mourinho just now be quite different, with inter Milan won the champions of the official white stars Bernabeu, Real Madrid to find one of the biggest stars in the most important positio cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n.Blaine - Heuer (Brian Hoyer) is free to start competing for another NFL team. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported that the Dezhou people had cut the old quarterback, according to the news of the people. Shortly after signed Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) in Dezhou, Rapoport reported that Dezhou and Heuer were going to break up peacefully. Cannot find the transaction after the home, the people of Dezhou will start on Monday before the off-season training cut together. Hoyer last season achieved good score and 91.4 quarterback, led Dezhou to win five games in ten games. but apparently he was unable to complete the new job of the coaching team and management. After sitting on the bench for three times in the first season of the season, Heuer could not fully play his role in the remaining season. His attack was totally dependent on the fake action tactics. Heuer lost to crash in the Kansas City Chiefs of wild card playoff game in week after team owner Bob mcnall (Bob McNair) made it clear that Heuer is going to be new quarterback instead. Rapoport last month reported that one of their quarterback signings Heuer will miss the candidates to be Oswald vhailor in Mustang after. New York jets, which have been in a deadlock with free player quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, are also thought to be interested in him. has proved to be a good substitute for the quarterback after six games in 43 games in six seasons. But as long as the team is in urgent need of the quarterback, he will have a chance to compete for the first place.on Tuesday local time, the Minnesota Vikings coach Mike - Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) on running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) will continue to play for the team, a very strong answer given. Zimmer said that Peterson had only two options to serve the Vikings or choose to retire. A day later, Peterson himself made a voice, and his answer seemed to suggest the future of his future. Peterson said in a statement: "the reason for not taking part in the training camp is not that I want to be traded. I just want to make sure I have a more stable future in the Vikings. This is part of the business, not personal. The Vikings come on. " It is not difficult to see from Peterson's remarks that he is willing to continue to serve the Vikings, but the issue of the contract is the condition that he needs to give priority to. a few weeks ago, Peterson once said he had no choice in choosing which team to play and how much he could earn. He also suggested that he would still consider joining other teams through trade. Now, Peterson speech instead demonstrated the salary level plays an important role in the negotiations. At present, Peterson left the team much more likely than to be traded.Everything in Dezhou is bigger than anywhere else, including the prediction of rugby. Now the Dallas Cowboys 5 wins and 1 losses, a big reason needs to be attributed to their rookie running back from Iraq Seoul - Elliot (Ezekiel Elliott) and rookie quarterback colt Darko Preiss (Dak Prescott) performance. now Elliot is the first player in the League to hold the ball and the number of punching balls, with second of the league. His teammate Bryant Mendez receiver (Dez Bryant) recently said that he thinks Elliot can finish the single season record 2000 yards. Bryant told reporters: "I think so, 2000 yards or more, that's my prediction." has completed 703 yards in 6 matches at present. The efficiency has only been completed by Eric Dixon (Eric Dickerson). The hall of fame player completed 1808 yards of the ball in the rookie season of 1983. according to Elliot's current rhythm, 2000 yards may be in danger, but 1875 yards of data is possible.

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