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The New Jersey has a modern V collar, and the post's number "100" celebrates the club's establishment 100th anniversary. Like the previous two jerseys, the New Jersey wore a special celebration badge on the chest. The top of the classic club badge was written on the top of the "Centenario De Leyenda", with a "1916-2016" below. The badge abandoned the previous sewn version to smooth the seamless silica mesh to reduce the friction of the chest.Bowling bowling series |PBA world Reno live report (December 8th): Mi Zhong Li ranked fiftieth, Yao Lin hit 279 points Mi Chung rite ranks fiftieth, Yao Lin hit 279 high points - 2015 pBA world bowling series Reno live report (December 8, 2015) 2015 pBA world series of bowling game today (December 8, 2015) officially start in Nevada Reno National bowling alley. PBA World Series once a year, is believed to repres cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ent the world. The highest level of sports competition. 254 players from all over the world have signed up for the competition. The players will be here for a series of two weeks. China has seven players to enter the competition. From left to right in the order of the following photos: Huang Chen, Yao Lin, Zhang Peng, Du Jianchao, MI Zhong Li, Wang Zhiyong. Qi Wankang arrived in the United States delayed because of the delay and failed to participate in today's competition. is the first day of the game to play the nine game of the animal oil cheetah (Cheetah). All the Chinese players are in group A, and they are doing well today. Mi Zhongli once lived in seventh place. At the end of group A, MI Zhong scored a total of 2056 in 9 bureaus and an average of twenty-third in the bureau with an average of 228.44. After the end of the B group, Mi Zhongli's ranking dropped to fiftieth place, but still showed great strength in such a gathering of stars. Du Jianchao was the only "flying saucer" playing the player, attracting a lot of eyeballs. other Chinese players also have a good performance. Yao Lin scored 279 of the high marks. by Brunswick (Brunswick) the China Longmarch bowling agent coordination and effort, Brunswick company last year after the six players in the history of Chinese sponsored Chinese first participated in the WSOB tournament, sponsored Chinese participating players continue to provide this year, ball, ball bag, kit and on-site technical support etc.. seven Chinese ball hands were selected by the Chinese Bowling Association (China Bowling Association). The rest of the two are at their own expense and sponsored by enthusiastic entrepreneurs. tomorrow (December 9th), all 7 Chinese players will start the 9 games of the Viper oil game from 4 p.m. refueling, China! 〉The official website of NFL | Brooks: from "selfish" become "selfless" | football in the competition with New York giants, San Francisco 49 people Ahamad Ahamad Brooks Ahmad chose to take the initiative to enter the bench because of playing time. In the team's 17-13 victory over Washington's red skin this week, Brooks took part in most of the team's defensive numbers and had a good performance. In an interview after the game, Brooks said, "I was very selfish last week and I became more selfless this week." Brooks said in a post - match interview. Previously, there are rumors that once 49 people want to deal with Brooks, the team believes he should be the Alton Smith in order of appearance of the location (Aldon Smith) - Lynch and rookie Aaron (Aaron Lynch) after. Although 49 people denied the rumor, the data proved that Brooks's performance was still to be improved. Lynch completed 4 escapement in only 394 defenses, 4 in the quarterback and 24 to force his opponent to hurry. Brooks is not very different from Lynch in the first two figures, but he has 145 more, and the number of opponents in a hasty hand is 20 times less. this game, Brooks played 38 gear, Lynch played 21 gear. He did have a corresponding increase in his playing time. At the same time, his performance also returns the confidence of the coach, the game finished 3 tackles, and grab a ball. Brooks said: I wanted to finish the array, but one of my teammates told me, 'touch the ground and touch the ground.' And then I did it. Although he had not been a hero of the game, Brooks's performance this week proved that he could be an excellent team mate.

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