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Norv Turner became the new attacking coordinator of the Panthers this month. He said his first priority is to ensure Christian Mika Free Christian McCaffrey can play its best. Mika Free is the first round show of Black Panthers in 2017. He took up most of the offensive tasks in the rookie season. He was the first to pass the ball 117 times, and at the same time he completed 117 shots. But Turner said it was just a starting point. "his new show was a very good year, beyond the expectations of the people." Turner said, "he was able to adapt to his posit cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ion, which was a great ability for the rookie. His talent is unparalleled, and what I want to do is to find the way he can play, to give him the chance to touch the ball and to show him the space. Of course, he can find a way out to finish the ball in the intercepting front, but it is also necessary to lead him to progress. " ?????????????????-?????????Darren Sproles???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????T???????|????????????????|??????if you think Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) can try a celebrity dangerous program in the future, you're right. yes, we mean the famous show "celebrity danger," and Rodgers appeared on the show on Tuesday night in the United States. Rodgers and the scene of the rival ABC Oprah Kevin - Oral (Kevin O'Leary) and Mark Cole (Mark astronaut Kelly) the same game, from $8399 to $50 thousand to win the final, the cost will be handed over to the central and western regions of the children's cancer research center. Rodgers's victory seems to be no suspense, the two time NFL MVP winner told reporters that he was watching the show every offseason, seems to be well prepared.Our football equipment network in order to support the fight against breast cancer charity activities, to further enhance the awareness of breast cancer, Nike and Brazil Football Federation (CBF) has released a special edition of the Nike Ordem V football pink. The year October is a traditional month for breast cancer, and many sports brands have introduced special pink products.The official website of NFL | boss pony auction bought a singer "Prince" used the guitar | Rugby Jim Irsay, the owner of Indianapolis's pony, has collected a lot of instruments. irsay has purchased once by the Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia (Jerry Garcia) with the guitar, John and the Beatles Lennon (John Lennon) and Ringo Starr (Ringo Starr) and singer Bob - Dylan (Bob Dylan) had used the instrument. yel Sai expanded his collection on Saturday. He bought the Huang Yun electric guitar used by the dead singer Prince (Prince) at a concert at the auction. He spent 137500 dollars on the guitar. Prince used the guitar from the end of 1980s to the middle of 90s. It is said that this is his favorite guitar.

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