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In the highly competitive market environment, UMBRO has successfully risen and launched a revolution in the design of the Jersey. This set of jerseys designed for the Japanese Central athletic team is not willing to follow the trend of the masses. This stunning Jersey brings the shirt design to another level. The concept of this shirt is born in the principle of "torque", which refers to the effect of force on the object and the rotation of the object. UMBRO is trying to catch the club's core: sensitive and strong, and give it to the shirt. in themselves, they succeed! A new force is sweeping the world, UMBRO has not underestimate the shirt the 2016 season, it will be very difficult for Detroit lions to renew Calvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson), but recently the super st cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ar has expressed his thoughts. Johnson is paying $24 million next season. He was asked if he would finish his career in Detroit this week. He said, "I am so happy." , the 30 year old Johnson, has been in a clear season, but still has over 1000 yards for sixth years. Johnson said to this: "I will think about this problem at that time, and then everything will be answered. Now I only care about how to deal with the saints in New Orleans". The contract between and Johnson is going to run until 2019, so the team has the opportunity to adjust some of their income, but there is no external connection in the league. It is worth the team to spend 24 million dollars a season.according to the The Associated Press, the Cincinnati tigers have signed a new quarterback in the free agent market - Taylor - Wilson (Tyler Wilson). Before signing Wilson, the tigers just lost their 1st quarterback quarterback Jason Campbell (Jason Campbell), who suffered elbow injuries in pre-season training. tiger's quarterback quarterback cullough AJ- (AJ McCarron) will miss most preparations for pre-season because of shoulder injury. Therefore, tigers still need a four point guard to deliver artillery shells for the players in pre season training. The main quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) briefly appeared in the first match against the tigers in the pre-season match. From the current situation, he will play longer in the second match against New York jet. Wilson is the Oakland Raiders in 2013 fourth round pick last season, most of his stay in the team as a sparring. He was cut off by the Tennessee Titans last week. Luckily, Wilson's unemployment period was not more than a week. [related news] tigers locked the main force of the quarterback, Dalton, 6 years, 96 millionThe official website of NFL | packers coach talk dirty opponents action: absolutely cannot accept | football Detroit lions this season despite losing the last game of the regular season, but still win the wild card into the playoffs. But now they need to face a thorny problem: defensive cutting forward Damm, Ndamukong Suh is likely to be punished by the League for suspension because of his dirty action in the game. in the fourth quarter, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) on the ground in an attack, in front of him in the Su left back during the stampede Rodgers immediately above the ankle, foot will be fully lifted, the body weight in the legs of Rodgers. , the packer's coach Mike - Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy), said: I didn't see this at the time, but someone told me about it. This is very absurd, and no one can allow such a thing to happen. I can't understand the reason he does it. The male lion manager, Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell), said he did not think Sue was dirty. Rodgers said: I think he would say it was an accident, and he would say it was because someone had pushed him to do this. That's what the referee says, and I'll take a good look at what's going on, and I'll pay attention to the league's ruling. The alliance will make a verdict in the next few days, believing that they can find the right way to deal with it.

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