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Michael, the Michael Michael, will go home to fight for the Minnesota Vikings. It is reported that he has completed a one year contract with the team. 27 year old Freud grew up in Minnesota, so the next season he can play at home, than he spent before the new England patriots or the Arizona Cardinals are closer from home. was arrested for drunken driving last season, but the Patriot gave him second opportunities, but his performance was not satisfactory. Only 2 games had to catch 4 passes to advance 42 yards. in his time was enough to be the No. 2 took over, in the 2013 season he finished 65 catches for 1041 yards and 5 touchdowns, in the distance passing tactics very far-reaching threat.The official website of NFL | [] inventory of those who have the chance to enter the playoff teams | football Minnesota Viking The Vikings wanted to meet a req cheap nfl jerseys free shipping uest in the playoffs: to put Pound in the bench. The attack team was very efficient when the bridge was on the field. If he remained healthy, the Vikings would be a very aggressive team. The Vikings have only one winner from the North District of the United States. Cleveland Brown Brown has shown a strong competition in the four games of the season, and they have won 2 games. The quarterback performed very well and exceeded expectations. But they do not do well in defence, and if that is better, they will certainly win a place in the playoffs. buffalo Bill Bill's team is trying to compete with the new England patriots for the first place in the east side of the United States. They have done very well in defense, and they have to keep it on. The Orton debut performance qualified, his performance is one of the key Bill can enter the playoffs. New York giant it is hard to imagine that the giants had become the underdog, but the combination of last season and the season, they did so. The 22 consecutive defeats in the start of the season are impressive. But Yilaimanning recent rebound, but the defense also improved. In the National League East to win playoff tickets is not easy, this division teams this season are very good. If the giants keep their previous competitive state, they still have a chance to win the playoffs. Houston, Houston, Dezhou people are now 3 - 2, and another 4 games against Titan and Jaguar. The people of Dezhou have killed JJ watts, but they still quarterback Fitz Patrick, it is still a weak, his performance is not very stable. But if the Dezhou people stick to the ground attack, they will win the game.The official website of NFL, the Cardinals coach accepted surgical treatment of renal cell carcinoma, Arians revealed Rugby litters in February tiger July 12th - Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) revealed himself in the 2016 season was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma is the most common renal cell carcinoma. Arians wrote in his new book he decided in December last year with the rest of the season and at the end. He was operated on in February this year and will be able to resume his health and be able to teach for the 2017 season. now I feel great, Arians said. I'm full of energy. I was told that the cancer cells disappeared again. I'm ready to coaching at NFL for one more season - maybe more season. This is the third time Arians are diagnosed with cancer in 2007, after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2013, he was removed from the nose in cancer cells. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Brady offseason patriot | football fans scared A off the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) many times in the terrible activities to stimulate the Patriots fans heart, including the most frightening jumping swimming. now we found a new quarterback of the super scary project, the United States Monday, Brady released a set of photos on their face book, is the top ski in the mountains. below the fans message: ????????????? Don't do that! don't get hurt and we need you Tom, can we go back to the meekly otaku! you're torturing me! we are not sure whether Brady is going skiing with his family, but the Patriot fans seem to have spent the whole year from February to August.

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