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Polo | Holland Warmblood (Dutch Warmblood) Holland warm blood horse Dutch Warmblood (KWPN) to say which breed of horse, like a star as fast as the red, that is Holland warm blood horse. This is a new breed. Holland did not have a blood register in 1958, but now it has become the most successful, popular and popular horse riding and riding horse in the world. Holland warm blooded horse is a new product of twentieth Century, unlike other warm blooded horses before twentieth Century. It is a warm blooded horse specially bred for horse racing. Although this is the Dutch creation of a European variety, in addition to Holland, there are British, Spanish, French and German blood.The official website of NFL | Cowboys Coach: Murray can win the football | single handedly Dallas cowboy is still working hard for the playoffs. DeMarco Murray is still the most important part of the team's a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ttack. Coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) said this week that Murray has the ability to single handedly the cowboys to the playoffs. Gareth said that De Marco is a very all-around player, and he can do well, whether it is a ball or a ball. He is full of desire for the game and wants to make more contributions. He will never be satisfied, and he can seize every opportunity. He is our leader and he has the ability to lead us into the playoffs. in the past 3 weeks, the cowboy bench running back Joseph Randall (Joseph Randle) and Lance Dunbar (Lance Dunbar) total only completed the 5 run, Murray almost took all the blame back cowboy. Some media pointed out that the cowboy has made Murray take part in too many attacks, and the overloaded way of working will have a bad effect on his body. In view of the history of Murray's injuries, some experts suggest that Cowboys should use the run - up lineup more reasonably. On this point, whether it is Gareth or Murray himself full of confidence, they believe the team and the players can Yuecuoyueyong, done in one vigorous effort into the playoffs.Oakland Raiders running back, Weiyousi - Murray young (Latavius Murray). In the twelfth week home court against the Kansas City Chiefs in the game, only 4 red ball scored 112 yards and two rushing touchdowns, but then in a back attack hits received after concussion problems exit the game and missed thirteenth weeks of the game. But by this Wednesday, Murray has begun to resume training for a match against San Francisco's 49 people this week. Raiders coach Toni sparano (Tony Sparano) said in an interview "Bay Area News": "Murray's run performance makes me very satisfied, I also know that this season he made only 14 balls, so I will try to let him get the ball, to tell the truth I'm good Chimu Lei how will the play, I believe the fans are looking forward to." ????????14?|??????????????????????????????????????????90?????????????|???????|?13?|???????????5.85???????????????????????????-???????Darren McFadden????????-???-??3??Maurice Jones-Drew????????????????????? , at present, the Raiders are only 1 wins and 11 defeats. I believe that in the remaining four games, the Raiders will let Murray take lots of balls to add some highlights to her and save some faces. After all, Mcfadden and Jones Drew are really unacceptable.The official website of NFL | Peterson: the target is always 2500 yards | football the Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) have high expectations for the 2015 season. His expectations are very high: Peterson said he had a goal of 2500 yards at the end of the season and in every season. I've always put my goal in 2500 yards, so if I can get close to that number, it's not bad, Peterson told the Viking official. Of course, does not happen to 2500 yards. Eric - Dixon (Eric Dickerson) 2105 NFL code record since 1984 to stand now, and most close to break this record is Peterson, he ran in the 2012 ball season 2097 yards. Even though you feel that he is 30 years old, he can still be as good as before, after being absent for a season, which is not as good as before, but it is not enough for him to rush out of 2500 yards. Peterson has to reach the best level to reach the best level of history to reach 2500 yards. , but Peterson thinks that the Vikings offensive team will have an excellent season under the Norv Turner. He thinks he will become an important part of the offensive team. it would be a very exciting year for the Viking attack if Peterson was able to get close to his goal.

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