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The official website of NFL | shooting in public places, the packers tight end boast rugby | Antilles was arrested for the Green Bay Packers tight end Andrew (Andrew Quarless) - Kwame Antilles, a positive offseason on Saturday morning on a detour. Miami Beach police direction NFL official network confirmed that the 26 year old player was arrested on Saturday morning and charged with a misdemeanor charge for a public shot. According to the official website of NFL the police report, the police received the alarm call between the two men and a woman quarrel after the two shots heard in the vicinity of a garage. The police out of the police after a few blocks away and found a black Porsche. ?????????????????????????????????????????3? Police found that the gun's bullet coincided with the shell found near the scene. The police reported no casualties, but still detained by police praised leeds. , based on the final penalty for his charges, may be punished by the NFL personal behavior regulatio cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n. Kwame Antilles in last season starting 11 games, the ball 29 times to obtain the 323 yards and 3 touchdowns. This offseason he got quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) highly, which said he was ready to make progress this season. this event may make progress difficult to become a reality.The official website of NFL | Seahawks defensive end Malsch | football season Seattle Seahawks in local time on Saturday will choose rookie defensive end Cassius Malsch (Cassius Marsh) in the injured reserve list, and cornerback Steven Tyrrell (Steven Terrell) and rookie tight end Allen rascio (RaShaun Allen) was promoted from the training squad. Malsch fractured his foot during training on Wednesday local time and decided to undergo an operation. The operation will cause him to be absent for at least 6 to 8 weeks, but it will be included in the list of injuries, which means he will say goodbye to the season in advance. In the last week's game of 23-30 to the Dallas cowboy, Thailand finished the first game of his career. The five point guard Byron Maxwell (Byron Maxwell) was injured and left the game during the match, and he was given the opportunity as a substitute. This week, Maxwell will not play in the game with Saint Louis rams. Alan will join the list of the Seahawks team in the proximal wing position suffered injury crisis. Zach - Miller (Zach Miller) was still absent because of ankle surgery, and the substitute Luke Wilson (Luke Wilson) was also doubted this week. The 6 - foot, 4 - inch, 250 - pound, large, near end, will be the first show this week.line guard Sean Phillips (Shaun Phillips) came to the top division team from third of the United States League in the Southern District of the United States overnight. Phillips was given up by Tennessee Titan on Tuesday, and now he is going to spend Thanksgiving with the Indianapolis pony. The team got him on Wednesday through a waiver. Phillips, who has been captured 81.5 times in his career, indicates that the horse wants to improve their outboard pass. pony is currently 27 in the League eleventh sacks, including 7 from outside linebacker than Yang Wiener (Bjoern Werner) and Eric Walden (Erik Walden). The team once hoped that the number one defensive player, Robert Mathis, could take part in the regular season from fifth weeks after the 4 ban in the beginning of the season. But when he joined the training session before the lifting of the ban, Robert Mathis could be reimbursed for the season of Achilles tendon laceration. Phillips, who signed the contract next season, has only 2 hits in the 11 matches of the season, so he has not yet become an influential player this season. Phillips made 10 escapement in Denver's wild horse last season, so returning to the team that has always had the playoffs may increase his contribution. recently, line defense Victor Butler (Victor Butler) has been coming in and out of the pony's lineup, and this time he was cut off again with the arrival of Phillips.The injury crisis has once again affected the career of Ahmad Bradshaw, who runs AMAD Brad. Indianapolis pony put the old runner in his injury reserve list on Monday and ended his season. He finished 31 shots in his 6 games. Brad Shaw injured his wrist in the team's victory over Tampa Bay pirates. Enter the injured reserve list in Brad Shaw, pony signed back running back long - Joel Tipton (Zurlon Tipton). Brad Shaw has never been a key member of the pony attack team, but he has been doing well and has provided another option for the team in the late season at a poor performance of running Frank Gore (Frank Gore). Brad has been in the three season of the season to end the season on the injury reserve list, and may have arrived. The team can not ignore the fact that he can't play the whole season's problem. 's Dan Herron, signed by the pony last week, will improve his position in the lineup and become a major substitute for Gore. Gore did not perform well in the last month, and the 83 shot was only 2.5 yards on average.

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