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New Orleans saints fans in Chicago because the bear home court team boss George MacAskie pushed the bear (George McCaskey) was arrested. recalled that the 58 year old saints fans pushed Kasich to the stool on the basis of reporters on the scene, the police and the bears. MacAskie had to go to the stadium to seek help from security personnel. When left in his wheat, the fans still follow and pushing, MacAskie will be pushed to the ground after a bear's fans will be the saints fans uniform, after the saints fans were taken away by police. After , MacAskie didn't ask for a medical examination, and it was clear that the health was unobstructed. So what's the problem with the bear's dressing room? This event gives us the impression that one person can sit on the side of the room where the boss cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is in, and the eyes of the stadiums and stadiums must have a problem. Or do bear fans really can't watch it as a saints fan to beat the boss?tiger tiger August 10th news Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) still playing for Chicago, he has had several clash with the male lions defending team led by Damm, Kong Su (Ndamukong Suh), presumably impressed him. Su was fined for 15000 dollars in the League for the back of Cutler's back in 2010. In 2012 after he learned to give Cutler more clean impact, and captured and killed him 6 times, Cutler came to the dolphins after initial training with the media also mentioned this point. "I'm glad to be in the same team with him." Cutler said. Su said he thought Cutler was a "good quarterback" and a "good guy". , "I don't like quarterback, but I respect him very much (Cutler), because he doesn't complain or shout when he is silent. He just stands up and pats the soil and then plays basketball. "A pretty tough guy," said sue, "he's going to go on on the game." dolphins, of course, also hope that Cutler can keep fit and play well.The official website of NFL | safetys will be selected Wilson Cardinals meritorious team | Football Hall of fame Adrian Werwilson (Adrian Wilson) served as the 12 seasons for the Arizona Cardinals safetys, he became a famous player in NFL and won a space for one person for himself in the team history. 's special position is to become a member of the hall of fame, and Wilson will win this honor this season. The Cardinals announced Monday Werwilson will face 49 of San Francisco's games in third weeks time home court accepting the honor. Wilson selected by the cardinals in the 2001 draft of the third round in his rookie season he served as a substitute, but in the next 11 years he in defensive group firmly occupy a starting position. He was the Cardinals player made a total of 893 tackles, 27 steals the ball, 25.5 sacks, 14 forced off the ball. The data helped Wilson to choose the professional bowl five degrees and to be the best team in the 2009 season. 2012 Werwilson spent last season with the Cardinals career, in 2013 he joined the new England patriots but the entire season on the injured reserve list, and last summer he did not succeed in Chicago bear array. He was inducted into the hall of fame Cardinals fifteenth players. This year the off-season training he appeared on the sidelines, the team's official website said he will always help the team.tigers July 10th news old quarterback Zeiss - Daniel (Chase Daniel) back to the black gold Legion is expected. After served as the chief of the Sheikh and hawk, Daniel returned to the saints as a substitute for the quarterback, and he was ready to continue to contribute to the team. "It's interesting," said Daniel. "I started a career in the saints and came back after I left here and grew up. I did not lie. It was really exciting to return to my hometown. " Daniel started his career in 2 games, got 480 yards and completed a pass rate of 65.4%. As a candidate for Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees), Daniel is already familiar with the saints' offensive system. He finished 12515 yards at the University of Missouri, 101, and the passing rate was 68%.

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