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The official website of NFL, a giant boss: I hope Beckham throughout his career for the giants, playing rugby nest New York giant boss, is also the top decision maker of the team, hoping to take the Odell Beckham (Jr Odell) to play a long-term role for the team. , according to New Jersey media, the giant boss John Mara (John Mara) was asked whether the giant was negotiating a contract with Beckham. Mara said he didn't, but he said: obviously we want him to be a giant for the rest of his life. The relationship between Beckham and the giant seemed to be in a delicate period when Mara made this statement in Mara. Beckham did not participate in voluntary offseason training. He forwarded a series of counterattacks on Twitter to his tweets that did not participate in training criticism, including ESPN reported that he would not attend the mandatory Mini training camp and training camp without the new contract. , of course, it doesn't make sense to find c cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lues on twitter of a 24 year old player, especially if Beckham comes to the mandatory Mini camp before June 13th. These tweets may just show Beckham's feelings now. But if he did not show up then, Mara's comments on long covenant and Beckham's feelings about the situation suddenly became very interesting. gives Beckham a large sum of money for a giant and may also change the structure of the salary space. At present, the giant has 8 million dollars in salary space. Beckham's salary is just over 3 million 300 thousand dollars in the new season. It will rise to nearly 8 million 460 thousand dollars next season. His new contract is expected to be larger than the current first season Atlanta falcons Julio Jones (Julio Jones)'s 5 year 71 million 250 thousand dollar contract in terms of total sum and guaranteed income ($35 million 500 thousand). Will the giants wait for Beckham to grow up to be the player they want and renew the contract with him? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.last week in the new England Patriots to 42-20 victory over the Indianapolis pony in the game, the Patriots tight end rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) and Marcus Sergio Brown who swam Pony (Sergio Brown) conflict. In the Jonas Gray (Jonas Gray) that finished the fourth single shot of a single attack, he had been putting Brown out of the field. The conflict between the two can be described by a line in the The Blind Side: "it's time to drive him home." Afterwards, Gelon kousky also at the time of their behavior are explained: "the game he always talk downright nonsense in my ear. So, I decided to throw him out of the field. Two disputes from the field continue to the next field, heard the explanation Gelon Sikorski, another party Brown is no concession, he said he was not afraid of the opponent in the social networking platform. actually, in 2010 and 2011, both Ge long and Brown worked for the Patriots. But the two for the former teammates totally ruthless. In the game, the behavior of the grand finsky was sentenced to 15 yards of fouls. The alliance will study details again in recent days to decide whether to impose a fine on in Washington's red skin at the end of the United States time Sunday against the Philadelphia hawks seem to be very upset. when the eagle is 7 to 0 leading the same area, an eagle's fans can't control their emotions and stand up and shout loudly. Obviously, this behavior makes many people feel unhappy, especially in the red skinned home. a red skinned fan immediately expressed his dissatisfaction. Then the hawk's fans tried to have a physical conflict with the red skinned football fan, but fortunately, the fans stopped it in time. The conflict ended in a very short time. the end of the game the final eagle to 30 to 17 to win the red skin, do not know after the two very close to the fans after the conflict.{"averagePoints":0,"playerId":14874,"percentChange":0.9,"averageDraftPosition":126.7,"percentOwned":52.7,"fullName":"Andrew Luck","lastPoints":0,"pointsSEASON":0,"seasonOutlook":{"outlook":"Luck, 27, has struggled with injuries (10 missed games during the past two seasons) and a poor supporting cast, but he has still managed plenty of fantasy production when active. He has finished as a top-four fantasy quarterback during three of the past four seasons. Last season, he ranked eighth in passing yards, fifth in passing touchdowns and seventh in rushing yards among quarterbacks. He averaged 7.8 yards per attempt, which was fifth best in the league. AFC South defenses are improving, but Luck is one of the league's most talented and highly efficient passers and works in a pass-first offense. He's a top-end QB1 option.","seasonId":2017,"date":"Thu May 25"},"positionRank":67,"totalPoints":0}

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