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NFL????|????????????????4??1400??????|????? United States time on Sunday, Minnesota Vikings announced the completion of a renewal with kicker Blair Walsh (Blair Walsh). is reported to have a total value of $14 million for 4 years, of which $5 million 250 thousand is a guarantee. The contract made Walsh the fifth top wage kicker in the league. Walsh said: I'm very grateful to be a member of the Vikings. I'm proud to be with the team. It's a place to pick me up and give me the future. Walsh graduated from University of Georgia in the sixth round of 2012.Beijing 5:30 January 16th at 5:30 a.m., the league's top seed Dallas cowboy and four seed Green Bay Packers competed for the last finals of the League of nations. Cowboys season scored 13 wins and 3 negative good grades, and packaging production season 10 wins and 6 losses. The two teams had had a hand in the sixth week of the regular season, when the cowboy 30:16 defeated the packers. * more ahead of the game, please click here *At the beginning of the game, the cowboy at home is the first to attack. Mike Prescott (Dak Prescott) to feel good, continuous pass found outside the over Terrence Williams (Terrance Williams), Mendez Bryant (Dez Bryant) and Cole (Cole Beasley) - Beasley scored 13 yards, respectively. In the half of the packers, kicker Dan Bailey (Dan Bailey) hit 50 yards free kick, and the cowboy 3:0 is leading the wrapper. Montgomerie (Ty Montgomery), a guest in cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the Green Bay of the running guard, was in good condition. He left the ball 15 yards on the left side and led the team into the half - field of the cowboy. Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) is the first to find Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) for 16 yards, then long tight end Richard - Rodgers (Richard Rodgers), 34 yards passing touchdowns. The packer quickly overtook the score to 7:3. 's Prescott short Terrence Williams, 12 yards. After entering the Green Bay half court, the cowboy Butler Butler (Brice Butler) was fouled by violating the sports spirit (Unsportsmanlike Conduct), and the cowboy was broken and stepped back for 15 yards. Aaron Rodgers did not waste this ball, long Dafante - Adams (Davante Adams) with 32 yards. The game entered the second section, and finally Thailand Montgomerie left the ball on the left to score 3 yards, and the wrapper 14:3 cowboy. cowboy gear out, followed by Aaron - Rodgers Allison - long out of pocket Jieluoninuo (Geronimo Allison), 26 yards. Enter the cowboy half, fullback Aaron Rip koves Ki (Aaron Ripkowski) on the left 20 yards rushing, Dafante Adams ball 10 yards to the score line, ty Montgomerie left 1 yards rushing touchdown, the packers cowboys 21:3. The critical moment, Hernandez - Bryant to come forward, one on one diagonal Sergio darys Gunter (Ladarius Gunter), with 21 yards behind Bryant in the first pass, after completing 40 yard touchdown catch. The cowboy wrenching the score at 10:21. cowboy kick-off, the packers Christine Michael (Christine Mich〉Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist common ground, the term first appeared, it was proposed that people admire a founding father of a country, Zhou Enlai of Premier Zhou at the Bandung Conference, this is his complex relationship, to solve the complex contradictory way of thinking and behavior patterns of the One principle runs through it all.'s dialectical thinking mode, but also practical examples. Why does say this word at the beginning of this article? That is because to talk about the business model and team building strategy of all NFL teams today, "seeking common ground and saving differences" is the first adjective I can think of. A high degree of commercialization of the American Football League, the previous occupation of the road for nearly 100 years to go down, predecessors trees descendants cool, is not only the business model is mature enough, although the team's tactical system but lack of success, contention of a hundred schools of thought, so what the imitator public, unless there is a revolutionary innovation, in a broad sense, NFL team played almost all the weak points in the execution of the pros and cons of coaches and players. last season, the most successful division of the league is the western area of the United Arab League and the Western League of nations. In the way of seeking common ground while reserving differences, the west side of the United States is the two excellent quarterback, plus the chieftain defender and the Raiders. But it is common in the National League West offensive group + defense group first-class water, and then the way west country differences, 49 good Seahawks and hit the pavement attack, the Cardinals is love long, different attack types, but the defense seems not too bad, but just the points standings last season, the Seahawks and 49 people, and the Cardinals rams ranked first in the league, third points respectively, seventh and thirteenth, the ranking is just last season in the National League West record list is consistent, it can be said that this is a "defensive destiny" partition, so today we continue to use the method to discuss the differences of China. The characteristics of four Defense League west. similarities 1, paying great attention to road defense look at a set of data, on the season 49 road defense, the Cardinals first, fourth, the Seahawks seventh rams ninth. This season, the Seahawks second, 49 third, fifth cardinals, rams fell behind. It can be said that the road is in the defensive team the team four. some friends will ask, not all said NFL has become a passing League, what's the use of the road defense? There is nothing wrong in this, but at that time the data of 1970s, each team averaged 31 points ball, 27 ball; but today, averaging team rushed the ball 27 times, and 40 years ago at least 4 times, but now the number of passes up to 35 times, more than 40 years ago 8 times this, understand it, just because the more offensive rhythm attack more and more quickly, but the attack did not reduce the number of road. The road defensive intention is in the initial file do not throw too much code number, and then in the third to guard the pass, with sacks and steals made mistakes. Denver Mustang will give Paxton Lynch (Paxton Lynch) a chance in the season. coach Vance Joseph said Tuesday before the first round of the team plans to show starting quarterback Lynch in the match against Kansas City chiefs. Lynch was unable to play in the game because of an ankle injury. Bullock - Brock Osweiler first started, but the wild horse was in Washington's red skin. Joseph said the team needs to observe the performance of Lynch in the offseason to quarterback for the team assessed. "In the offseason started quarterback to solve the problem, we want to observe his performance to figure out how he is the player," Joseph said. Lynch had an ankle injury in the only time of the season, but he did not perform well before he left the field. He was difficult to read and to make a slow decision. In the game Lynch 14 passes 9 successful 41 yards 1 passes were captured 4 steals and killed. was the last time the game was used to assess Lynch. No matter how Lynch behaves, we still think the Mustang will try to upgrade the quarterback position.

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