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The official website of NFL | giants rookie Beckham will serve as the first alternate occupation external | football bowl New York giants' rookie Odell -Jr -Jr (Odell Beckham Jr.) has not been selected as the official list of professional bowls, but now he has the opportunity to enter the all star game. Beckham is the first candidate to take the place of the player. If a player is injured or prepares for the super bowl, he will be top. So he has the chance to join the all star team next month. The professional bowl will be held in Glenn Dale, Arizona, in January 25th. Beckham is the giants draft twelfth pick of the players, because of a hamstring injury and missed training camp 4 weeks before the game this season. In 11 games, catching 79 with 1120 yards and 11 touchdowns set a giants rookie record. In the twelfth week night match against the Dallas cowboys, the single handed catchup made him popular all night. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping He also received an invitation to dinner with Lebron James (LeBron James), and also received a text message from Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan). and their last game of the season will match the Philadelphia hawks at home.only half a game, Houston Dezhou's head coach Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) had to make an important decision. time in the United States on Sunday, Dezhou half 0 to 19 behind the Jacksonville Jaguar, Obrien had to choose the first quarterback Tom Savage (Tom Savage) to stay on the bench, rookie four points Wei De Sean Watson (DeShaun Watson) on the stage. the first half savage performance is 62 yards in 13 but was sacked 6 times 7. In contrast, Watson has a stronger mobility and a better performance in the rest of the season. Watson in the second half finished 23 12, 102 yards and 1 touchdowns and 1 interceptions performance, he also completed a 2 run ball. but the transfer of the quarterback was obviously unable to save the Dezhou people, and the team lost 7 to 29 to the Jaguar.Baltimore crow announced Friday that they have with the occupation bowl (Marshal Yanda of Marshall - Yan) contract for 4 years. The contract is worth $32 million, including $17 million 800 thousand in security income, according to people familiar with the matter to ESPN Adam Schefter. 31 years old Yan Da entered the contract year. Last season he was the top attacking player in the professional rugby focus net. Yan Da has been regarded as a stable passing player and a rough runner. He has been in the professional bowl for the last 4 seasons. was selected in the third round of the 2007 draft to be the third - longest Raven player at present. "I look forward to the great tradition of inheriting the Baltimore crow." Yan Da said. "I hope I can finish my career with the crow." But the sign of may reduce the contract strictly guard carich - crow Arthur Mailer (Kelechi Osemele) may, he also entered a contract year. that's good news for the crow who has made the worst record of the team's history. They will face the same 1 - 4 - negative San Francisco 49 in the next game.The attack of the season pass Seattle Seahawks struggled, averaging 191.8 yards ranked thirtieth in the league, in the past 4 consecutive games in less than 200 yards. When the Seahawks team was passing attack in order to solve the problem, and took over the problem, an idea is to let the team ace arise spontaneously, cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) participate in the attack, he was in the Stanford University also played wide receiver. "I've been thinking about this plan for a long time," manager Peter Carroll said in an interview Friday. Sherman and I have been discussing the possibility, and he also knows that if I need him to take part in the attack, I'll tell him. " A piece which is earlier this week, Sherman said, he told the "Seattle times" said: "I took a strong shot. The defender can hardly guard against me, so this is the case and I should have a good performance. " because the Seahawks lack key to come forward the take over, especially in the red zone, so they should take account of Duhem - Saunders (Deion Sanders) using Sherman's advice. Carol said, "of course, Sherman is a good foreign player. When we saw his defensive ability, we could see that he had a good command of the receiving range. He would be happy to play it. So he's ready, and once it's urgent, he knows I'll call him up. " and Carol's "emergency" should be a injury. However, with the downturn in the offensive this week and will face the Arizona Cardinals first in the league, if Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) and a group can effectively complete the ball, Carol is likely to be released in a state of emergency.

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