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2015-16 new Barcelona goalkeeper jersey will soon be released, but 2015-16 days before the main Barcelona Jersey has been officially released by Nike. The 2015-16 Barcelona home court in the team jersey for the first time in history the bar design, which is yellow and orange shirt printed with red stripes behind.when the Denver Broncos quarterback Mark Sanchez Trading (Mark Sanchez) and did not introduce any other quarterback this offseason, he will become the first team to look. But this is not That's final.. Mustang coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) has repeatedly said that Sanchez must be in the seven round last year and show Trevor (Trevor Siemian) and Simi Ann Paxton Lynch - the first round of this year's show (Paxton Lynch) won the first round position in the competition. , according to Denver media, Sanchez had only "slight advantage" for simian when he entered the training camp. Sanchez must win over Simeon to win the first place. This position is not Sanchez's bag. Ann sago advantage is that he is the only one played in the Broncos quarterback Kubiak in the attack group. Lynch was not thought to be ready to start the first week, but Mustang chose him i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n the first round not to keep him on the bench. So Sanchez needs to play well in the training camp and the pre - season to get the first start, and he needs to perform well to keep his position. Sanchez's record in NFL shows that he is unlikely to continue to do well. That means it is easy to think that Sanchez is either unable to win the first place or that it can not be saved even if it is won. unfortunately, Siman and Lynch have not yet proved that they can be the first NFL quarterback. Good news for the Mustang their defense team proved to be able to lead the team far away last year, even if the quarterback did not perform well.The official website of NFL | football thirty-six meter | football ladder upstairs the upstairs ladder means deliberately showing a lucrative point, luring the enemy into a desperate situation, cutting off its reinforcements or reinforcements, so that it is all trapped in the surrounding area. One of the witty tactics in rugby is called the DL Drop, and it has a similar effect. DL Drop is the associated product of the regional raid (Zone Blitz). The regional raid means that the area is protected against passing the ball and the players raided the quarterback at the same time. Different from the defense and zone defense need different players by different regions, and advance on where he passes on the region. This gives the possibility of more than 280 pounds, the slow pace of the attack to prevent transmission: they do not need to catch hand against one in terms of speed, only need to advance into the garrison area of their own on the line. a standard anti Chuan is such, four players for the impact of quarterback (3-4 of the time is the 3 striker and a linebacker, 4-3 time is the 4 attack, the rest of the players) back pass (whether or anti marking area). The raid on the quarterback (Blitz) will put in fifth punching hands (the standard is a line guard), which tends to push the quarterback quickly. The regional raid has both the characteristics of the two types of strikes. Five punching hands can make the quarterback tired and hasty. And because it's a regional defense, anyone can get back from back and cause anyone to attack the quarterback. Often see the strange phenomenon of regional raid tactics caused the defensive tackle back - pass (the packers 09 years later), cornerback raid (13 season after the Cardinals quarterback). The essence of the forward backward strategy is a big fat striker unexpectedly appearing on the quarterback's passing line. The best effect is to intercept the pass. This is the ladder in the middle of the ladder. And the seduction of the quarterback upstairs is the middle defense area that seems to be empty. Think about it, the quarterback found 6 people after the kick - off, and his front line was about to resist. This time slot catcher is running a 45 degree fast Slant route, which has no defense, really a godsend. In the clinker, one of the big fat guys suddenly went back and died in the fast Slant predetermined pass point, and easily copied and attacked the array. Just like this:The official website of NFL | Newton poor state chief | Panther comeback wins football Beijing time in August 18th, the 2014 season in the NFL season also launched a focus. The Carolina leopard team came back with star Newton (Cam-Newton), and the Panther beat the kkansas chief with 28:16 at home. Sheikh at the beginning of the game xianbatouchou, by virtue of their two free kick ahead. Then, the Panther is still in color. Running Jonathan - Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) was running two times, making the black leopard finish the anti - Super by 14:6. The beginning of the second half, the chiefs fought back, they first completed a 25 yard free kick will be close, then the chief Aaron Murray - backup quarterback (Aaron Murray) a 43 yard super long found tight end Travis - Cares (Travis Kelce) completed a touchdown. The Sheikh finished the anti super at 16:14. In the next game, the Panthers were in the third quarter at the end of fourth and completed the festival at the beginning of two touchdowns. After that, the two sides did not build a tree, and finally by virtue of the excellent performance of the attack group, the chief of Kansas City was defeated by 28:16. The black leopard team of quarterback Newton's comeback is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the game, the first game of the first game after Newton's recovery. In the game, Newton 9 4 in 65 yards and was sacked two times. Although people had high expectations for him, Newton, who was still in the recovery period, did not make any effort in the game. What is his recovery after his comeback can only be checked for the next match.

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