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The team will be wearing a New Jersey in this season's Serie A League. The first inspirationThe official website of NFL | Redskins wide receiver Jackson will be absent because of injury this week | football game of the Washington Redskins wide receiver DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) has been absent because of injury in training this week, it was reported that he will not play in Sunday's game. this is reported by Diana - Marie - Luo Qianni (Dianna Marie Russini) on the NBC4 channel, and this Sunday they will face the Saint Louis rams. Jackson suffered a trauma in Indiana last week against the Colts and the leg, before the injury report is marked as available (Questionable). , the former Philadelphia hawks cheap nfl jerseys free shipping outside this season in the Redskins scored 47 receptions for 942 yards per catch average score, with 20 yards. And last season in Philadelphia, his 82 - time catch - 1332 - yard score created a career, a large number of NFL players, coaches and even league officials have been involved in a campaign called the ice bucket challenge. So what is the challenge for the ice bucket? The challenge for Ice Bucket Challenge is to dump a bucket of ice water over his head. It is a charity activity intended to raise awareness of the prevention of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). After being a sport, it has been widely popularized. A large number of NFL players, coaches and even league officials were involved in the sport. The rule of the movement is that, when a person is challenged, he has to choose to accept the challenge within 24 hours or to make a donation of 10 dollars to the charity. The challenge needs to be sent to the Internet and invites the next friend to be challenged in the video. has been attracting more and more attention since July 29th. The content with #icebucketchallenge has been forwarded for a time, and the result has attracted a large number of celebrities. In the NFL, including Payton Manning, Toni Romo, the Patriots and jets and the Colts are involved in this activity. [related news] giants for public welfare to participate in the ice bucket challenge [related atlas] ice bucket challenge wonderful Atlas [related video] Payton - Manning takes part in the ice bucket challenge Colts quarterback involved in the ice bucket challenge New York jet team participates in the ice bucket challengeThe official website of NFL | pirates coach will be personally responsible for the formulation of | football defensive tactics for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and team coach Smith Lowe (Lovie Smith), the new season will be a crucial year. Smith arranged the defense coordinator Leslie Fraser (Leslie Frazier) to arrange defensive tactics in the match. Now he decides to finish the work himself. Last season, Smith's team won only 2 wins, and the team's defensive performance did not reach his expectations. So Smith wants to be able to better deliver his ideas in this way. last season, the pirate defense team only listed the League twenty-fifth, the field lost 25.6 points, the whole league is eighth. Smith refused to comment on the decision, but he significantly increased the frequency of his own tactics during training on Thursday local time. In addition, Fraser will continue to serve as a defensive coordinator, but the way of work will change. last season, because of the offensive coordinator Geoff - Jeff Tedford (Jeff Tedford) midway, Smith spent a lot of energy in the offensive. Now he can finally get back to his more familiar way of work. Smith was famous for his excellent scheduling with the Chicago bear as the defensive coordinator.

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