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last week, the New York giant finally had the chance to do physical examination for Jason Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul). According to the news, his hand condition is worse than the team expected. The team thought he might miss the season's competition. we know that Pierre Paul's right hand index finger did part of the amputation, but according to the latest news from the team, some of his fingers were missing. At present, the giant can not give the specific return date of the Pierre, so the contract of Paul and can't be renewed. The team can also put him on the list of non football injuries, and there is no need to pay for it. He is likely to be training in Florida this season.The official website of NFL | considered Bryant as cowboys punt returner | Rugby is currently in the choice of the Dallas Cowboys returner who encountered problems, team vice president Stephen - Jones (Stephen Jones) said, or will arrange Mendez cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Bryant (Dez Bryant) as a punt return to work. Jones said: we will have a meeting on this issue. At present, we tend to arrange Cole - Beasley (Cole Beasley) is responsible for the punt return, he qualified for the job, is our first choice. In addition, Hernandez in the university is a good return, can not be denied is that if we need him, he could play in a particular situation. Bryant in 2012 and then held no punt return to work. He had tried 12 times before he returned to 66 yards. In Bryant's rookie season, he had finished 2 times to return to the attack. Although the cowboys are considering whether to arrange Bryant to participate in the attack, but considering the potential threat of the return to players' safety, few teams will arrange the core players in the team to play the role of the return attacker.????????????L?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The team trained second times this week on Wednesday local time. As far as the training is concerned, it can be said to be mixed. The team, the quarterback Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers), took part in all the training for two days in a row. After he suffered a back injury, will not play the rumor collapse of itself. Rivers himself said, "the back does hurt, but it's not serious. I feel good now, I'm looking forward to the game this week. I believe we can win and go to the playoffs. " despite the fact that Rivers is not injured, the situation is not so optimistic for the top runner Ryan Matthews and Ryan Keenan Keenan. Two people were absent from training for two days, and the team did not reveal their specific circumstances. Mathews is plagued by an ankle injury, Alan suffered a broken collarbone return undecided. whether or not Mathews and Alan can come out this week, the team believes they can find a way to win. Last week's victory showed that, and Rivers was looking forward to a hot hand and a reduction in passing misses. At present, they have put their destiny in their hands, and everyone is looking forward to the next victory.The official website of NFL |3 17 free agent visit rumors confluence | football former Dallas Cowboys player Anthony - Spencer Chong biography (Anthony Spencer) to visit the Seattle Seahawks, he completed 11 sacks in the 2012 season, the 13 season after undergoing surgery last season only completed 0.5 sacks. Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwyne Povey (Dwayne Bowe) is still in contact with Cleveland Brown. Tim (Tim Tebow) - Seth Tibbott went to Philadelphia to accept the trial. the Minnesota Vikings in Miss Michael - Johnson (Michael Johnson), will be in the week before the Cowboys defensive striker George selvey (George Selvie). The former Denver Mustang line guard Erwin (Nate Ivring) met with the Indianapolis pony on Monday local time. San Francisco 49 people took over (Stevie Johnson) - Stevie Johnson will be in the future and has San Diego lightning and the new England patriots. The first round of before the New Orleans saints cornerback Patrick Robinson (Patrick Robinson) will be the first meeting with Pittsburgh Steelers in this week. Charles Clay, the near end forward, will meet Brown at the next stop after visiting buffalo Bill. Stirling defender Moore (Sterling Moore) will visit Steelers and 49 people in the next few days. Last week, he had a contact with the Tampa Bay pirates. near - end front Jermaine - Gresham (Jermaine Gresham) is expected to join the Oakland Raiders recently. former Atlanta Falcon guard Justin Blalock (Justin Blalock) last week had visited the Detroit lions, recently he will travel to Tennessee to visit titan. center Stephen - Wisniewski (Stefen Wisniewski) will go to Tampa Bay after the end of the trip to Seattle.

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