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In order to pay tribute to the club of Liverpool was founded in 125th anniversary, the design of new season jersey with little, the most striking is the special logo design left chest, the club's birth year "1892" and "2017" around the iconic "bird of Liverpool" on both sides of the club, which is a new season of Jersey most special design details. The design of 2017/18 season jerseys is inspired by the most classic and brilliant chapters of the club in the past 125 years, so the 125 years (125th anniversary) words embroidered on the chest don't have the contemporary significance.The official website of NFL | Raiders outside linebacker Moore this week because of | football Oakland Raiders announced the main team outside linebacker Theo Moore on Saturday (Sio Moore) due to a hip injury rate will miss this week with the Kansas City Chiefs game. Moore had been marked as a doubt before, but it was considered not to be able to fight. In addition to Raiders safetys Las - Ai - Dulin (Ras-I Dowling) and linebacker Iran Felle, Moya Berger (Bojay Filimoeatu) to promot cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e from practice squad. Dulin was in the 2011-12 season for the new England patriots played 9 games, he was the Raiders signed sparring lineup in September this year, Moya Felli picture season 5 as Raiders player debut, contributed 10 tackles. In order to make them a list of space Raiders cut safety Larry Asante (Larry Asante) and linebacker Jamal Cheaney (Jamar Chaney). Moore's absence means this week only four Raiders linebacker Meyers Bracey playing (Miles Burris) - Mike and Rookie Card Lille (Khalil Mack) is the first experience, and Felice Moya figure and Ray - ray - Armstrong (Ray-Ray Armstrong) this season and only played 89. Such a line - up lineup may be difficult to stop the chief of the chief, the Jamaal Charles (Jamaal Charles).the Vikings to them this week with the rams game commentary, the Panthers tight end Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) to launch an attack, that he can learn many things through interpretation, and this knowledge will be conveyed to the Panther, let them obtain additional advantage in the next game. however, Olsen himself would not be involved in any training or conference on the Vikings. Although the meeting will have FOX sports participation, but Olsen said: "if you put your cache stunt accidentally leaked to explain the staff, it is definitely your pot." He doesn't think he will learn much more than the scouts involved in the game. 's theory that "I think I will have an unfair advantage is absurd." Olsen said, "every game in the league has participation from all teams. It is enough for us to commentate the match, so we must not bother to observe it on the sideline. I didn't think I had the time to do small movements. I never had the idea. I never thought I would go to watch the training.Turn: the first "Nanjing Mount Wutai" 2014 China Bowling Championships will start | Bowling 2014-11-26 08:32:00 China Bowling Association Federation the first "Nanjing Mount Wutai" Chinese bowling Championship will be held in the Mount Wutai bowling alley in Jiangsu province in from December 5th to 7th. this championship is a professional tournament with the highest level, the highest level and the maximum amount of bonuses in domestic bowling. The games are hosted by the national sports administration, the small ball sports management center, the Chinese Bowling Association and the Jiangsu Sports Bureau. Jiangsu Jiangsu Sports Center, Jiangsu Bowling Association, Nanjing Sports Bureau competition management center and other units undertake the competition. , as the finishing battle of the 2014 bowling tournament in the year of three, this championship has brought together the top three top bowling tournaments in China and the top players in international competitions. The tournament will also invite the elite athletes from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and organize the folk experts to compete with professional athletes in the form of the folk qualification competition, so as to truly achieve the full coverage of the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as professional and grassroots players. the championship competition attracted the top athletes from all over the country. In addition to the high level of the competition, the rich bonus setting is also an important reason. Events with male and female individuals and mixed champion 3 sports tournament, a total of nearly 164 thousand yuan, of which the man first prize of $32 thousand, the first woman bonus 20 thousand yuan, mixed tournament champion bonus 10 thousand yuan, prize amount of China bowling the official game. (Chinese sports newspaper Liu Min) 2014 Nanjing - Mount Wutai Chinese bowling Championship competition rules 1. Host: national sports administration small ball sports management center, China Bowling Association, Jiangsu Sports Bureau, Nanjing Drum Tower District People's government, Nanjing Sports Bureau two, undertaking unit: Jiangsu province Mount Wutai Sports Center, Jiangsu Bowling Association, Nanjing Sports Bureau competition management center, Nanjing City Drum Tower District Sports Bureau three, competition time and place: December 5, 2014 to December 7th, Mount Wutai bowling hall, Mount Wutai (Mount Wutai bowling Museum, No. 9, Lhasa Road, Nanjing city), four, participants: all competition 〉

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