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The official website of NFL, the giant outer over the Marshall Islands and quarterback Manning video call, learning tactics football nest tigers July 8th, how will a smart outside hand study the team's tactical handbook? If you for the New York giants quarterback Eli and effectiveness, as long as Manning (Eli Manning) video connection is good. joined the offseason giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) in Instagram released a video of him and Manning chat the video for Marshall Manning to teach him more information about the attack in the passing time. Marshall said he had spent too much time in the kick-off line in the vicinity of their players to fix the defense. The attack system of giant coach Ben Mcadoo is very dependent on the rhythm coordination between quarterback and foreign players. It is hard to consolidate this in the short time of training in spring. although the video looks a bit like a swing, it shows one side of the NFL players that we rarely see. With the use of social medi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping a, we can see how two players learn tactics instead of listening to them in a media interview at a training camp. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The professional bowl level defense front Greg Hardy (Greg Hardy) has basically decided to say goodbye to this season. It is reported that his interrogation time will be postponed until next year. This offseason, the Carolina Panthers of Hardy the privilege of using the label next summer he will once again become a free agent. The delayed trial also meant that Hardy's Panther career had come to an end. in May this year, Hardy was arrested for violence and threats to women. In July, the court found him guilty, and then he applied for a jury. After the first week, the team put Hardy on the pardon list. His absence has affected the leopard's competitiveness this year, making the team stumbling on the road to subregional champions. , according to the privilege label, will pay Hadillo's $13 million 110 thousand salary this year, and Hardy has already got 6 million 170 thousand of them. The team general manager hopes to strengthen the other position of the team, and the lovers have revealed that the leopard will not consider further cooperation with Hardy. Despite 15 escapement from Hardy last season, the event will greatly affect his free market heat. Experts say he doesn't have to be surprised even if he has fallen out of the world.At local time Saturday in the preseason, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) showed good competitive state, in the second wave of attack in the continuous spread of 57 yards, 14 yards and 17 yards passing touchdowns, helping the team finish. even though he didn't finish the first quarter of the match, he had a rest. The court only had 3 successful passes, but it still showed the ability to throw away the other quarterback of the same team. The health of Palmer has the ability to lead the Cardinals to become one of the contenders for the super bowl. cop-out Cardinals last season, finished with 11 wins and 5 losses record won the NL wild card playoff. The 5 loss occurs in the absence of Palmer, of course, this is not to say that the Cardinals win is all Palmer, but also to a large extent that Drew - Stanton (Drew Stanton) and Ryan Lindley (Ryan Lindley) and several backup quarterback level difference. Palmer scored more than 10 yards in the season last season, and there were 3 direct passes in 20 yards or more. No one was copied. In the preseason match, Palmer's COSCO strength was also seen. is still fighting for the playoffs this year the cardinals and the super bowl, the Cardinals here of course there are good defensive factors, American football is a sport won by scoring, and Palmer is the man who can lead the team to score points, although he is not the elite quarterback, but he is still the strength of outstanding players.Jackson Luke - Joe Cole left Jiefeng Jaguar (Luke Joeckel) have never suffered career prior to the brain concussion, it is doubtful whether he knew how to overcome the injury. During the first quarter of the first quarter, Joe Cole was struck by his opponent, causing concussion in the first quarter of a game of 13-27 to the Miami dolphin. Joe Cole was allowed to be interviewed for the first time on Thursday, . He said, "I don't know what word to describe the sense of concussion. But when you have the experience, you can understand that feeling, that's really terrible. When Joe Cole was injured, he was blocking his opponent's attempt to strike a free kick from the side of the party. He said his head was hit by his opponent's knees or thighs, and then he lost his ability to fight. has always been very careful with the concussion of the brain. The team cornerback Dwyne Graz (Dwayne Gratz) and safetys Huo Nathan xipulin (Johnathan Cyprien) was earlier in the season has suffered a concussion, America fordoo choose to let them rest for one week at least. As a result, Joe Cole will almost be absent from this week's game.

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