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The New Jersey continued in the club's iconic red and black as the main colors, the "four division" design from the club football team first shirt style, the shirt was called "coins parrot (Papagaio Vinté m), the New Jersey still joined the details of white and blue, these two colors are from the Rio De Janeiro city flag. A special mark was added below the right side of the right side of the shirt, indicating "Rio De Janeiro, 450th anniversary".The official website of NFL | Brown defense veteran criticize the team first round pick cornerback | Rugby The defense veteran Clevela cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nd Brown think rookie cornerback Justin Gilbert (Justin Gilbert) needs to be improved. I don't know if he can complete the university to court over occupation, dansby told reporters Monday. This ability is in his own body. He may look in the mirror then myself transition. I can only lead him into the door but can't help him. The end of the season the criticism seems to be Dansby in the offseason is about to enter a public attempt to give Gilbert some pressure on the shoulders the burden. Maybe, Dansby thought it was the best way to motivate him. from a potential point of view, not many of the corner guard has the ability of Gilbert, he can immediately improve Brown's second line defense. At present, the team has ranked seventh in the field of anti biography, which allows the opponent to pass the ball 220.1 yards. If we can get a contribution from a corner guard, their ranking will rise.Brandon - Vuitton (Brandon Weeden) short Houston Dezhou career may be ended. On Thursday local time, coach Bill Obrien (Bill O) Brien announced that quarterback Blaine Brian will be released in the weekend's regular season. "He has passed concussion tests and is now allowed to compete," said Obrien. Dezhou people are almost sure to go to the playoffs as the southern champions of the United States, leaving only the theory possible for the Indianapolis pony. At present, Dezhou people are 8 - 7, and they are looking forward to a victory over the regular season. Hoyer's performance this season to make the fans satisfied, he completed a total of 18 touchdowns, only 6 steals. As the accident, he will be the team in the wild card race starting quarterback.Cleveland Brown is looking forward to new changes to bring more victory to the team. Brown won the Super Bowl last time or in 1964, when he wore a white shirt and an orange helmet. Although winning has nothing to do with fashion, Brown has changed the shape of the New Jersey. The team's speech said: "I personally like tradition, this change is to let us see the traditional traces on the Jersey, but with new changes. I like this new shirt, and I believe everyone will like it. " team president said: "fans will tell us whether they like or not like it. We hope that most fans like the new uniforms. We hope that the New Jersey is linked to tradition, and this is what we are going to do next."

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