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The NFL website will | saints receiver Morgan into the reserved / suspended list | football 's brief but rich career in New Orleans Saint Morgan (Joe Morgan) may come to an end. This week the team announced that he would be included in the reservation / ban list. The team did not give any reason for the decision. , the 26 year old Morgan undrafted rookie to join the alliance, in 2012 he was ushered in the outbreak of the season he the ball size up to 35 yards. But Morgan only played a few good times don't last long, good game because of knee anterior cruciate ligament injury had to say goodbye to the season. Finally he took 10 catches and completed 379 yards and 3 touchdowns, with good results. During the period, he had finished 80 yards of the ball. So far this season, Morgan has only played for the saints, without any data. Morgan himself responded to the matter on twitter, but he was obviously unaware of the team's decision. He said he was just like everyone else and couldn't understand why the team made the decision. We will continue to pay attention to the matter and wait for the official explanation.NFL official website, 2017 draft defense beasts, rugby wo called the 2017 draft defense year, careful, in addition to defensive tackle position slightly, latera cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l transfer, punching cornerback and safety of several positions totally called super year, at least 20 people with first round talent, the following is my chosen 11 fervent, even you put them together third, is a perfect anti transfer line-up: Meyers Garrett (Myles Garrett), Dezhou A & M, lateral defender figure: 6 feet 4 inches, 272 pounds advantages: the first step of the fast will be able to kill the backcourt to interfere with the opponent. A variety of ways to win the victory. There is a good outburst on the outside to beat the cutting edge. The inner flush is also good, and the inside pressure is as much as the outside: 20 lateral pressure, 20 internal pressure, and 10 bull punching. On both sides of the defensive performance on both sides are more average. It can quickly recover from the injury and go back to the peak. shortcomings: it is likely not to be a perfect runner, easy to be entangled by the opponent when running. Not only to prevent running and to improve, but also to adapt to the NFL level of the offensive frontline. NFL template: Jiedeweien - clowney (Dezhou), DeMarcus Weil (cowboy) forecast: the lateral movement of amazing Chong Chuan every year, but this is like Gareth five years or ten years of genius is indeed rare, to the people of Dezhou as an example the tortuous clowney, career started until last season but also to the outbreak, believe that Gareth from rookie season will become a annual output of 10 or more male monster sacks record. underlying reason: a major injury. Jemal - Adams (Jamal Adams), Louisiana, Qiang Wei figure: 6 feet, 214 pounds advantage: in Louisiana, the three high season season, the anti runaway and anti transmission efficiency is very scary. Last season, there are 31% chance to play slot angle guards, or even like the corner guards alone. In the last quarter, an average of 11.1 grabs only lost one capture, good capture efficiency. Can quickly read the opponent's attack trend. On the season 5 steals 9 damage pass, high safety. Even with the attack head-on near the front line. shortcomings: the range of anti transmission is slightly narrow, and it is difficult to keep the back field alone. There is still room for lifting in the grappling part. It is easy to be pushed down by a big man when running. NFL〉kkansas chief, the chief of the karma City, has lost one of the catching weapons. The team announced that Jeremy Mclean (Jeremy Maclin) was cut off. The decision will immediately release $10 million in salary cap space for the chief. in the first year Mclean joined the chief of his outstanding performance, the completion of the 87 ball 1088 yards and 8 touchdowns, obviously is the chief leading receivers. But the second season has to step back, because the chief to choose more scattered and short passing attack target selection. last season Mclean data only finished 44 in half, the ball 536 yards and 2 touchdowns. His two teammates Thailand (Tyreek Hill) - Rick Hill (61 receptions for 593 yards and 6 touchdowns) and Chris Conley (Chris Conley) (44 receptions for 530 yards) yielded similar data. Play well tight end Travis Cares has the two (Travis Kelce) and the receiver (85 receptions for 1125 yards and 4 touchdowns), the chief that they have enough to pass, they would rather cut Mclean save payroll. , who was selected in the first round of nineteenth rounds in 2009, began his career in Philadelphia hawk. He proved himself to have comprehensive abilities and reliable catching and large yards attack level. Mclean Mclean came to the chieftain in the 2015 season and was punished by the League because of the violation of the league rules in the process of signing the chief, which lost the third round of 2016 draft and the seventh round of draft in 2017. last season his figures were a new career low, but we don't think it represents a decline in his level. He is sure to join a team that lacks an outfit and may be able to surpass the last season in the new season.Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson) and the Oakland Raiders signed until the end of the season will expire, but it seems that the 38 year old seems to be well again play a year. Maybe in 2015, van derson would play under the hands of Jim Harbert (Jim Harbaugh)? He doesn't seem to be so hopeful. Tuesday Woodson said in an interview: "if you can choose, I want him to coach at the University of Michigan instead of us, I played in there, I know where the fans will welcome him, he will get more in there, if he said I want to go to Michigan, I would be very welcome. But it's too early. " won the Heisman Woodson award in 1997 on behalf of the University of Michigan, Michigan, so he to allow all doubt loyalty. , of course, has no evidence that the 8 professional bowl players will continue to play next season. Even if he persisted in playing the ball, it was still unknown to the Raider. Van derson wanted to find a proper conductor for the defense team, so he thought Harbert would be a good candidate. Due to the recent University of Michigan and Harbert were reported to have communication, perhaps can become the introducer woodson.

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