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The official website of NFL | Seth Tibbott and Kolb moving video to encourage young | in football (Tim Tebow) - Tim Thibault and Riley - Kolb (Riley Cooper) at the University of Florida with teammates for 4 years, this time they were teammates in Philadelphia Eagle again, this is not only on the pitch. on Monday U.S. time, Seth Tibbott and Kolb made a touching video to Pennsylvania high school, Colin, to encourage him to surgery on Tuesday to brain tumor. Kolb said: "we are thinking for you, you are a man to be strong, and we can't wait to see you." as the young Seth Tibbott, Colin is the starting quarterback in high school, he also excelled in baseball. Seth Tibbott says: good luck to you, brothers, we will pray for you!NFL official website, ESPN cheap nfl jerseys free shipping analyst: Chris Harris is the most underrated player in football nest Denver wild horse's HORNBACK Chris Harris (Chris Harris Jr) is one of the best corner guards in the league. , but he didn't get the same attention as other players of NFL top 100. In 2014, he was the least number of passing passes in the entire league, and didn't let any foreign players complete the corner catch in their own area. ESPN analyst Jon Gruden (Jon Gruden) said: "Chris is the most underrated players in the league, his marking and regional defense are the best. , the 2 professional bowl player was defeated in 2011 and became the first team in 2012. It is also one of the reasons why the Mustang can become the top defense team of the league. , on Monday, Denver will welcome Houston's challenge to Dezhou. Harris will face Andre Hopkins (Hopki Hopkins) and they will fight against it. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Beijing time August 18th, the leader of the Carolina Panthers against Kansas City is the Black Panther quarterback, Caim Cam (Cam Newton), who returned to the first game after her ankle surgery. Although he is very hard to figure death, but could not get into the state. The Black Panthers took the first 3 offense, which only promoted one yard. Then the offensive line finally provided a decent protection. Newton pushed forward some yards through passing. When Newton went down, the fans were happy. The Panthers in the four grade quarterback got a super long playing time in the pre-season, and led the team to a decisive battle, and finally defeated the chieftain by 28-16. The final game Newton data is not satisfactory: 9 and 4 of the 65 yards, and 2 times was killed, a loss of 19 yards. But when he entered the state, found wide receiver is empty, no one at running back Jonathan · Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) play very well. estimates that only in the regular season can we see what the impact of Newton's ankle is. We saw him in the face of the defensive pressure in the match, but he didn't want to change his ankle in the pre - season.The official website of NFL | Roger - Godell in 2014 of $34 million 100 thousand | football Roger - Goude (Roger Goodell) earned $10 million less in 2014 than in 2013, but the total income is still unbelievable. The official tax data the United States Tuesday show, NFL union president Godell in 2014 revenue of $34 million 100 thousand, $10 million less than the previous year, such a huge amount of revenue is not only influenced by the doubts are president Barack - Obama (Barack Obama) by ridicule. reported that Goude's total income was $180 million in the first 9 years of the presidency. alliance second high income is the League chief legal adviser Geoff Paz (Jeff Pash) in 2014, his income is 7 million 510 thousand dollars, between Geoff's performance in the exhaust valve event, so that the outside world had to look forward to his 2015 income statistics.

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