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After 's first season for the first choice, Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) is obviously one of the top league players in the league. The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver now want this level of salary. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that Brown will not attend the team voluntary offseason training, because he wants a new contract. Fawkes sports also reported that Brown was considering the absence of mini training camps and training camps to get a new contract. Brown signed a 6 - year contract worth $43 million in 2012. Since then, he is one of the best contacts in the league. The 26 year old player has completed at least 50 yards of the ball at least 5 times in each game since the 2012 season. Since the signing of the contract, Brown has completed 239 catches for 3197 yards and 21 touchdowns. Brown, who is 5 feet, 10 inches (1 meters and 78 meters) tall, doesn't have the typical figure of the ruling class. But his catching line running and kick-off speed enable him to break through numerous defenses. He is very important for the success of the offensive team and the Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) the safest passing target. now Brown wants to get the reward for his own importance. The NFL tea cheap nfl jerseys free shipping m won't give the players a contract because of the past achievements, but is based on whether they are useful in the future. Although the Steelers would not easily yield team, but Brown is one of the few non essential operation for the offensive team quarterback -- especially in the Steelers running back ray viand - Baer (Le'veon Bell) the next season in the first three games were suspended and the case. how long will the development of such a situation deserve attention when we are slowly approaching and as well as compulsory training arrangements.(a mother of Mary Reuland, NFL player Konrad Reuland, listening to the heartbeat of "son" from the chest of Rod Carew) Baseball League star Rod Carew got a rebirth from a young NFL player. Rod Carew may not remember when he saw Konrad for the first time. was in 90s, and Konrad was a grade six student in the state of South Carolina. One day, Konrad told his mother, "Mom, I've seen Rod Carew!" After nearly 20 years of , the life of the two has never been separated. Konrad became an organ donor, and after his death in December, his heart and kidneys were given to Rod, which needed a heart transplant. Friday, the American Heart Association reported this story, tells the story of two families -- a baseball legend as well as a result of aneurysm and the death of young players in the NFL family is how to find all the antecedents and consequences of these. NFL young players family is how to find all the antecedents and consequences. needs a heart in many cases, the person who needs an organ transplant does not know the identity of the donor. but Rob's wife, Rhonda, and Konrad's mother, Mary, found the former NFL player who died at the age of 29 to the new life of the 71 year old MLB Hall of fame players. In September 2015, Rob Carew had a heart attack when he played golf. The doctor implanted a mechanical heart device. 14 months later, Rob was listed as a "heart transplant" list. a month later, the opportunity came. The death of Konrad Reuland was spread over the news network at that time. The proximal front in November on a treadmill suddenly severe headache, at that time, he was preparing for the trial of another NFL team. a few weeks later, Konrad received brain surgery, but never recovered from it again. died after three seasons for the jets and crows. The doctor took his heart, kidney, and liver. his heart is perfectly matched with Carew. In December 16th, Rob Carew received a new heart and kidney transplant. search for clues just at this time, Rob Carew's family and friends doubted whether the heart was from the Konrad. has a lot of clues to find: Rob Carew's wife learns that the donor is close to 30 years old and has a healthy body. This is the Heart Association published on their Internet.this season, the Carolina Black Panther has lost the Josh Norman, but so far they are not ready to find alternative candidates in the free market. Josh, Josh. on Saturday U.S. time, coach Luo - Rivera (Ron Rivera) told reporters that the team saw the rookie cornerback in the body a lot of hope, he said: "I think if we need to do what things it is later choice, we have identified at present, past 2 training we are delighted see the excellent performance of the rookies." In the 2015 season, the Panther finished the 44 quarterback of the sixth League in the league, but this is not the guarantee of the 2016 season they still have such dominance. If red pass enough awesome, also can make up for the rookie cornerback. although the Panther can't find a good corner like Norman at once, the team's overall defense can make up for it.The main Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle Phil Lord Holt (Phil Loadholt) were injured on Saturday with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers preseason, is likely to encounter the Achilles tendon rupture, it is expected that all games will not play the 2015 season. for the Vikings is a major blow, Lord Holt is the best offensive player in front of the Vikings, with tall stature (height 6 feet 8 and 343 pounds) with flexibility, the 2013 season was his best season, when the season his ground cover score ranked in all fourth offensive tackles, first all right tackle. Last season he was affected by his 5 games in the absence of injury, even though his ground cover score was a positive score. His injury is undoubtedly a major loss to the Vikings. as for the loss of how much, the key point is rookie TJ- Clemins (T.J.Clemmings) on the body, he is the team most likely to replace Lord Holt. Clemins by the Vikings in the fourth round pick in this year's draft, was widely believed the Vikings had accounted for a great deal, after all, Clemins in the pre draft sequence to predict the first round, he scores in the last year is the 2015 rookie offensive tackle in fourth. Although is still unable to determine the true level of Clemins, but from his performance in the game hall of fame can be seen slightly a little something, he did the ground cover in the game, the score is also negative, but the ball cover has done relatively well, passing 16 times did not let each other have a cover on the quarterback pressure. This is a positive sign that more tests are needed as to how he will perform during the regular season.

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