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The official website of NFL | and cardinals defensive end Kerr Shandong 1 | Rugby According to the official website of NFL reporters, the Arizona Cardinals have decided and defensive end froustey - Lu Kerr (Frostee Rucker) a one-year deal, as a reward for the veteran last season to play well. 2014 season, the Cardinals important players in the defensive end wing position Darnell doctore (Darnell Dockett) due to injury ahead of reimbursement, as his replacement, Lu Kerr showed surprise. According to reports, the Cardinals have Shandong and Kerr extended a 1 year contract agreement, the amount has not been revealed. Next season, the 31 year old veteran will take 1 million 100 thousand of his salary. despite the lack of performance in the flush defense, Kerr proved that he could make a signi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ficant contribution to the team in the ground defense. With the doctor's departure, the new season he will continue to serve as the first mover. On the other hand, join the new Kore - Redding (Corey Redding) and Cory Peterson (Cory Peterson) will share with his playing time.NFL official website, Odell Beckham touchdowns and hug, football net wo once an enemy, now a friend! The success of can change a person, and the New York giant takes over Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) to educate people so. a few weeks ago, Beckham is too depressed, so after the end he took a helmet to vent net play, but the net unceremoniously to face back, after Beckham seems to have been opened because of tears. The weeping map and the video of the tennis net have been teased by the netizens, but now everything is getting better! on Sunday night in the race, Beckham faced the Green Bay Packers season the first touchdown, his mind must have wandered to net his blow, so he went to the front. After a few milliseconds seconds a fierce ideological struggle, he decided to put aside their differences, he hugged the net. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Baltimore crow manager John Harbert (John Harbaugh) is now in the right time to prove again that he has the top quarterback in the league. although this is not recognized, but it is a good opportunity to exclude personal feelings. Especially in Pittsburgh took the Steelers, four games are so cool, Joe Flacco (Joe Flacco) by victory aura. Harbert said, "what can you say to Fraco now?" In the third section, his score was so perfect, it was the playoffs, and that was Fraco. He is the best quarterback. " Flacco playoff score of 10 wins and 4 losses, 22 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions, a success rate of more than 55%, the last 9 playoff games only 2 interceptions. Teammate Saggers Terrell (Terrell Suggs) said: "flao cool, competition has been changed, but his heart did not change. It's his game. " Indeed, people have been lucky to be able to fall into the playoffs with the number 6 seed. Few people care about last week with the Cleveland Brown crow team team 3 than 3 when Fraco's Each sticks to his own stand., poly when very simple to teammate: "let us win this game." few people believe flao has the ability to complete such excellent pass in the third quarter, including a 3 file 14 yards to slot the attack, Torre Smith (Torrey Smith) the ball has been very perfect, then crossed the Steelers - Bruce Mccain (Brice McCain) - Smith Steve shoulder to the ball it is beautiful. Steve said: "I am trying to catch between two defenders, Flacco preach a beautiful ball to me." no matter what Harbert said, or flao postseason Joe - Montana (Joe Montana) are difficult to match, only to win the next game, is the hard truth.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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