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The official website of NFL, the Mustang coach will determine starting quarterback Simeon praised the football, wo Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) did not play at the end of the preseason after the team announced that starting quarterback candidate, but he said he had enough information to make a decision. Mustang's 17-9 win over Losangeles rams was Trevor - Trevor Siemian's second start in the pre - season. In the leadership of the offensive team when Ann looks 17 times sago steady, passing 10 times successfully gained 122 yards and 1 touchdowns 1 passes by steals. at the end of the game, when asked to evaluate the performance of ANN sago, Kubiak mentioned calm performance sago nervous, sago teammates also mentioned this point. Kubiak said: I'm impressed. I think he's very cool. new show quarterback Paxton Lynch (Paxton Lynch) came on the field after Simian, and Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) was not on the stage. After the game, K cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ubiak said the decision on who was the first quarterback in the first battle of the season would be made in the next few days. , who joined the Mustang in 2015, took advantage of the opportunity to work with the quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning). In the past few weeks he has been the most stable quarterback in the team and has a chance to start. was asked after the game whether he believed he would be the first starter, Simeon said, I was confident. It ultimately depends on (Kubiak), which asks him better. but asked if he believed he had done his best, Simeon said, I do think so, but I still want to say it's not what I can decide. I will try to be the best team mate.Washington red skin continues to complain, local time on Saturday, coach Jay Gruden announced that the near end Logan Paulson Logan Paulson will receive toe surgery and will not play this season. Paulson, who was injured in training last week, visited the expert on Tuesday and finally decided to undergo surgery. Before, another near - end forward, Niels Paul (Niles Paul), has been reimbursed for his ankle injury season. has to rely more on Jordan - Reed (Jordan Reed) in this position after losing two close - end fronts. Despite Reed's talent, he has been absent from 12 games in the past two seasons. It's not clear whether he can keep fit. Groton expressed his support for Reed in an interview, believing that Reed could keep fit in the new season and complete a complete sago. at present, red array in the proximal position in front there are still a lot of reserves: Zeiss - Dixon (Chase Dixson), Jieluoen Hamm (Je Ron Hamm) and German - Masina (Devin Mahina) will have the opportunity to share the corresponding time.The official website of NFL | giant star Cruz took over the | football season New York giants have to accept the loss of Victor - Cruz (Victor Cruz) in the back of the season. The four year's fielder was delivered on Sunday night's match against the Philadelphia hawk due to a right knee injury. The giant quickly announced Cruz's knee tendon laceration. Cruz in the third section there are 9 minutes and 35 seconds after takeoff preparation in the end zone pass issued array was injured, the ball through the hands of Cruz, and then Cruz saved his knee before landing, both players are surrounded by Cruz, was sent in the locker room, Cruz left the tears. Cruz will face an operation and a long recovery period, which may not allow him to play until next summer. This is a great blow to the attack team of the giants. For them, Cruz is the best player to take the team in the past three years. Cruz's absence will change the giant's attack, they have to reuse the Roy Randall (Rueben Randle) and a European show DELL - Beckham (Odell Beckham), the giants should be able to withstand Cruz's claims, but will not be easy.Cleveland Brown pick selected University of Florida defensive tackle in the draft 185th - Caleb Brantly (Caleb Brantley). , who was thought to be the top defensive player of the year's talent show, has slipped down the market after being suspected of a misdemeanor. Brantley was accused of a physical clash with a woman earlier this month. His one fist caused the victim to lose consciousness. There are a lot of teams that think Brantley will end up. Brown studied the incident fully and visited Brantley himself before the draft. but Sassy Brown (Sashi Brown), the executive vice president of the team, told reporters that they might not leave Brant in the end. Brown said the allegations Brantley faced were "worrying." "this may not be what we can accept," Brown said. is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 307 pounds. Brantley has a lot of problems on the court and on the field. But if he can finally stay in the team, he won't have much chance of laziness under the team defense coordinator Greg Williams (Gregg Williams).

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