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Seattle Seahawks in a free market crazy part. At present, they have already bought three old line guards. According to the correspondent in Seattle recently, the Seahawks signed Terrence Calvin (Terence Garvin), former West Virginia state defensive team members (Seahawks linebacker Bruce Erwin [Bruce Irvin] former teammate). The 2016 season of Calvin in Washington to spend, he had spent three years in the steelers. The other two new lines in are Arthur Brown (Arthur Brown) and Mike - Will Holt (Michael Wilhoite). Calvin can not only supplement the depth of the line, but also be able to play in the secret service. Calvin, 26, has played 59 games and started one of them.according to the Miami times, the Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kaili (Jim Kelly) from jawless nasal cancer, now he has again been Staphylococcus infection of torture. , the 54 year old hall of fame player, wrote about the pain after being briefly identified as a non - maxillofacial cancer in September of this year. The doctor found that he had developed a methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection in his bone. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping The doctor found that his body had produced a kind of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection in his bones. Kaili said: "I was identified with cancer in September, and 2 weeks later I was tortured by MRI. For me, the most difficult time is that when I was sampled, I thought I had no problem, but the doctors didn't think so. 12 bottles of sampling made me wrong. in addition to the necessary treatment and anti infection, Kaili insisted on participating in the University of Miami's match against the University of North Carolina. said, "I'm not going to miss any college game!"'s ongoing NFL unveiling is not only a lot of scores, but also a lot of injuries. chief safety Eric Berri (Eric Berry) in the fourth quarter after the attack a hobble out and was launched outside the car. NBC reporter reported Berri Achilles tendon injury, if the diagnosis of Achilles tendon tears, Berri will say goodbye to this season. , but after all, he returned from cancer. He was elected the 2015 player of the year. He was selected as the man in the professional bowl and All-Pro for the first time in 2016. He believed he would not be afraid of difficulties."|2013 Lai Yun handball Experimental Primary School Cup" national handball championship this opening of | hand Association is president Lin Fusen's introduction to the event Luca late on July 23rd, sponsored by the State Sports General Administration Center bangleiqiu hand song, Shijingshan Education Commission and Beijing Normal University Li Yun experimental school jointly hosted the 2013 Lai Yun experiment cup national primary Handball Championship will be inaugurated in Beijing military sports team, wonderful music drama after the opening ceremony, between the opening in the host North Li Yun and Guangzhou Normal University Experimental School in Tianhe District City, chebei primary school girls a. this competition is divided into men and women a, B and B 4 groups, participants reached 685 people, including 536 athletes, 46 teams from around the country will be fierce competition in the 7 days of competition, the number of athletes and teams are record highs. The game will be according to the corresponding format in the experimental group Lai Yun school playground held 3 outdoor venues, 3 indoor venues of Beijing military sports team will provide the guarantee for the wet race. The organizing committee will award trophies and medals to the top three teams in each group, and the first eight will issue certificates, and certificates will be issued to teams, individuals and referees who have won the sportsmanship award. During the competition, the host also arranged a variety of recreational activities for the small players. plan for referee Zhang Chunsheng to introduce the rules of the competition Lin Fusen Lai Yun experimental school principal said: the basic game to large-scale comprehensive Games planning ways to prepare, the organizing committee set up a contest, security, propaganda, logistics and other related departments, division of labor, and even set up a village. The purpose of this competition is to find and cultivate reserve talents in handball projects, explore practical activities of training mode of sports education combined with athletes, and promote the popularization and development of youth handball sports. picture of the Chinese Handball Association Yao Feng introduction of youth handball in recent years, the youth handball in the popularization and development of the situation is getting better and better, Chinese Handball Association Yao Feng told reporters: according to incomplete group statistics, the country has more than 400 schools in handball; Chinese Handball Association in recent years have been sent home before the game three youth team to Italy, Sweden, at present, to participate in international exchanges team has reached 13, through international exchanges, youth handball level and the popularity of the situation is getting better and better. This is the first time that many teams and small players in the national primary school Championships are the first to attend, and this is a very pleasant change. Li Yun experimental school has successfully hosted the 2012 national high school competition, believe that this year's event can be held successfully. Lai Yun Beijing Normal University Experimental School in Beijing city is the only national handball Olympic reserve.

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