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Bennet of the Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael (Michael Bennett) does not intend to answer questions about the Seahawks rushed transmission problems happily. reportedly reported that when he lost 36-20 to the Atlanta falcons on Saturday's playoffs, FOX Q13 reporter Bill Weekes West (Bill Wixey) asked questions about Bennet's quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) when Bennet interrupted. According to USA Today report, the reporter's question seems to imply that the Seahawks rushed pass and did not reach the normal level pressure. The group scored the Seahawks defensive 3 sacks, 5 yards by loss and 8 times to tackle the quarterback impact, such a good performance in the fast lane or completed. "we have exerted enough pressure." Bennet replied, "he had a fast hand, and the field was changing. Obviously, you don't know rugby at all. " "something terrible happened. He had a very timely hand, and he did what he should do. We do the best we can. " added, "don't point out (to us) that we don't f cheap nfl jerseys free shipping inish our duties, OK? Don't do that, will you? I don't want to see you now. Don't tell me that I'm not doing it (Zhou Ma). Get out of me. Again, please leave. " "don't play word games with me!" I put all my heart into the (Zhou Ma) field! Don't find me happy. (Zhou Ma) disappear from my eyes! If you do this again, the consequences are self - conceited. I'm not that kind of person. But don't tell me that I didn't do what I should do, (Zhou Ma). " "we lost the ball! That's NFL, you don't play (Zhou Ma)! What did you experience in your life? Have you ever suffered from injuries? Or has there been any serious injury? " but vicksiis also experienced a lot of hardships in his life, based on his previous article on his anti Hodgkin lymphoma. this is the Seahawks second players in recent weeks with reporters dispute. Just before Christmas, cornerback Richard Sherman in 710 ESPN Jim Moore (Jim Moore) in hot pursuit of the difficulties he will no longer respond to reporters after let the reporter get the Seahawks pass. one thousand readers, there will be one thousand kinds of Hamlett. There are many ways to read this news, as long as the author wants, but some of the facts behind it are always important. The playoffs for the players, it is difficult to. Sometimes players who do not deal with such moments will be considered unreasonable. In most cases, the reporter is to gather information, to provide funding for readers. We are always looking for a better way to ease the tension in a season's effort. but that does not mean that Sherman or Bennet has a reason to threaten other people's careers or to criticize one.The official website of NFL | Vikings rookie running back ready to serve as starting | football in the offseason, the Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) praised his teammate, running back Mackinnon Jessica 's (Jerick McKinnon). Now the new rookie has replaced his predecessor as the first team. In the case of Peterson still on the list of president's exemption, Mackinnon has been more than team mate Matt Asiata in the depth of team position. it's like a whirlwind, Mackinnon said on Thursday. Everything happened so fast. I think I'm going to get myself ready for anything that's going to happen. From a new show, a lot of things will happen to me, and I have to go through a lot of different things. But I think it will help me to become a better NFL runner. Mackinnon is clearly the most powerful Viking 'lines running back. As the playing time of his game showed, the Vikings are letting the flexible runner take more tasks. He participated in the team's 46% attack and scored 11 yards in the 11 time, compared with the other 2. The rookie also led the team with 6 shots and 42 yards in the last game of the Vikings. He was the most powerful attacking player of the Vikings last week. will face buffalo Bill on Sunday's second debut in Mackinnon's career, and the rookie will face a hard test again. Bill has one of the most powerful defense frontlines in the league. They have allowed their opponents to run the 67.5 - yard League first in the ball defense.The 2015 Guangzhou world red sunset League second win | bowling leaf Chi this morning start of the 2015 red sunset League second, the number of participants up to 100 players, 38 open, a runner leaves Zhiming further won the championship, runner up Zhang Jianguo, runner up Wu Guangde.four years ago, the Philadelphia hawks knew they needed a team of quarterback. It looks like they have found it now. The Biennial Show Bangyan Carson (Carson Wentz) - Wentz already evolved into one of the league's elite quarterback since the nine games, he came 23 touchdowns, breaking the record in team history. The previous record holder of dates back to 1960, and the hall of Fame member Noam van Bullock forest (Norm Van Brocklin) had 20 matches in nine games. The eagle won the National League champion that year. The best record in the League 8-1, Eagle fans is not too absurd to have higher expectations of wentz.

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