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The official website of NFL, NFL became the first in the China Sina micro-blog Sports League football matches live, wo , December 28, 2016, the US professional football league (NFL) announced that today it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with sina, micro-blog, China's leading social media platform. in addition to the six regular season games broadcast in the past few weeks, Sina micro-blog will also broadcast the last week of the regular season Sunday night games, three playoff games and the super bowl, which is NFL as the first sign of sports alliance with sina micro-blog has created a sports communication protocol. Sina micro-blog sports manager Zhang Zhe said: we are very pleased to NFL and establish strategic partnership, the hope can help NFL better future China to expand market share, micro-blog users can make the first time to watch live matches and watch the race short-sighted frequency content at the end of the game, and these contents will be forwarded and user communication. Based on the events, we will also work with NFL to promote commercialization of advertising. We also believe that the future social media will be the core of the domestic and international event promotion, and sports + social will be the most important part of the industry chain. Richard Young, general manager of NFL, said: Sina micro-blog will be an outstanding partner of NFL to promote and attract fans in the mainland of China. We are very excited about being able to promote NFL games to hundreds of millions of fans with Sina and micro-blog. We firmly believe that the long-term partnershi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping p with sina micro-blog will be of great value to both NFL and Chinese sponsors. Sina micro-blog is one of the most popular social networking sites in China. It has 132 million active users (DAU) and 297 million month active users (MAU). Its market impact is equal to Twitter and Youtube in the US. An average of 100 million messages are posted on micro-blog every day. now, NFL has more than 1 million 500 thousand online viewers in China a week, while the ratings are still growing. In addition, more than five million people watch NFL video clips on average weekly, and many users watch early games by watching video games. Besides the live broadcast of micro-blog account, NFL will also issue short videos, highlights and other NFL peripheral video content, including 10 weekly good balls, 5 weekly running balls and catching balls. through this cooperation, NFL has further expanded its dissemination in China's digital media platform, providing top users sports entertainment video content through more platforms and more convenient ways. about NFL was founded in 1920, and the American professional rugby league (NFL) is called 〉run Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) will start the season on the bench. , an alliance spokesman, told NFL official website on Tuesday that the new England patriot running guard will be banned from a match without pay due to the violation of NFL drug abuse regulations. He will not be able to participate in the 2015 season regular season. Brown has all the offseason and eligible to participate in the preseason training. He will be able to compete in second weeks as his first game of the season. the occupation career into the sixth year running back in mid November last year by the Pittsburgh Steelers cut after joining the Patriots, he played a central role in the Patriot won the trip. In 11 games played the Steelers only the ball for 266 yards rushing, 281 yards hit the opponent out of the defense patriot Blount in the final 5 regular season games. He Biliqieke in coach Bill (Bill Belichick) under the command of the 3 playoff games in and out of 189 yards. the suspension was short, but if Blount could last for the team, his absence would leave the Patriots in the position. Steven - Ridley (Stevan Ridley) and Sean Flynn (Shane Vereen) has left, the team only Jonas - Gray (Jonas Gray), Brandon Bolden (Brandon Bolden) and James Devlin (James Develin) can then take responsibility to punch the ball. The patriots may need to add new run guards through the draft.Handball | held the State General Administration of sport training: preparing for the London Olympic mobilization meeting | hand Association , deputy director of the State General Administration of physical education, spoke at the London Olympic Games mobilization conference Beijing August 24th sports electric (reporter Zheng Daojin) the State General Administration of sport training in the afternoon of 24 2012 London Olympic Games held here for the mobilization of the general assembly, the meeting highlighted to improve the content of science and technology to improve the security work Chinese Olympic team training to prepare for. deputy director of the State Sports General Administration Bureau Chief Yan Shiduo Xiao Tian, training, administration of the relevant functional departments, the Bureau of the sports training center in leadership, in the Bureau of sports team coaches, athletes, training and Training Bureau of Retired Cadres Bureau staff participated in the mobilization meeting today. At the meeting, representatives from all the offices of the Training Bureau made speeches on preparations for the London Olympic Games, respectively. Xiao Tian said that the Chinese Legion will face unprecedented psychological pressure and challenges at the London Olympic Games because of its 51 gold medals, 100 medals and the first achievement in the total score at the Olympic Games in Beijing. Among them, one of the difficulties is the home court changing away from home. The two is the instability of the old and new teams. The three is that after the revision of the international rules, the Chinese team's advantage projects are unfavourable. Four, the overexpectation of the Chinese people will bring great pressure to the team. Therefore, the Training Bureau should fully do a good job in the preparation of the work and improve the level of scientific training. Yan Shiduo said that from Beijing to London, the Training Bureau should innovate in succession, while inheriting the successful experience of training for Beijing Olympic Games, the Training Bureau also put forward more than 100 new initiatives to prepare for the London Olympic Games. Yan Shiduo also introduced the basic train of thought for the Training Council to prepare for the 2012 Olympic Games, with a special emphasis on improving scientific and technological content in athletes' scientific diet, physical training, rehabilitation and quality education, and striving to create brilliance and create new achievements in the last week of the 6 red ball 9 yards, Saint Louis rams rookie running back Todd (Todd Gurley) - Karli said that he has not show its characteristics. A week later, he showed the fans a different place with actual performance. Austen tahon (Tavon receiver Austin) said: "he took part in the game, complete the outbreak, so simple." game, the ball 19 times Karli 146 yards. He became the 2007 season since Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) after the first play four, promote the first round of more than 100 yards running back. The 227 pound beast runner showed strong explosive force and speed. The 52 yards were impressive, and the 20 yards and 30 yards of long distance push were completed at the critical time. defense William William Hayes said, "I know he is different, but I have to admit that William's performance is beyond my expectations. After today's game, I'm sure his future will be very bright. Gly said: "you know how great it feels to finish a good game. You also know that it is necessary to bring the state of fire to the next game. " in addition, Karli also show a high ball. Less than two minutes left in the game, Karli punches the ball won the first power. He did not choose to push forward, but instead chose to take the initiative in the vicinity of the border. Finally, the rams will run out of time, advantage into a winning situation.

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