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The team leader club, founded in 2006, integrates culture into football. Just around the world occupation Club launched new squad moment, team leader also launched its own shirt is different, with the help of Puma, they invited the city photographer Hassan · this group shows the team style badran shooting photos. the series of works of inspiration, is not the same but many viewers of the football game (street) like a raging fire. What the team leader club wants to express is the true meaning of street football. Where is he, whether he has anyone watching, the wind, the rain or the hot sun, I just want to kick the ball! players white shirt with white lines printed number, name and club, the Puma logo in black print. This shirt is sold at the retailer "Off The Hook". Perfect cooperation, perfect creativity, whether it is the style of photography or the design of the shirt, it is worth our praise.tiger news July 2nd Jie (Jameis Winston) - Winston Metz is one of the biggest winners of this year's season. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed over DeShawn Jackson in the free agent market (DeSean Jackson) and then they chose the proximal front O.J. Howard in the draft (O.J. Howard). It made them play one of the most powerful passes of the league. these two will greatly help the pirate attack team with only 4 passes over 40 yards in the last season. Winston was satisfied with cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the potential of his new offensive weapon. "they have great power," Winston told NFL. "There is not a real threat we pass in the team, now we have the Deshawn. So we are very excited to throw a few balls at him. O.J., God, he's a weirdo. We are honored to have O.J. Howard. " piracy has already had a good near end Cameron Bret (Cameron Brate), but Howard is probably the top player of the pirate's near end position. He is a defensive group nightmare in college, he was able to complete the long ball attack is also open the top cover of players. His performance in the pirates has made the team excited. "we're happy to have O.J. He can make a great contribution to the team, "Winston said. "This is the fastest, most athletic 6 - foot and 6255 pound player I've ever seen in life. It's not really true. "in the Snoopy cup competition, the New York jet team lost the New York giants to the New York giants. Then the jet fleet finally released a news of expectation. Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) issued a formal announcement. Next week's first week against Oakland Raiders, Geno Smith will debut as the first quarterback. At present, Smith's performance in training camp and preseason match is pretty good. It's wise to make this decision from the time when there is only one game left in the regular season season. Smith showed the best preseason in the third week against the battle giants. He got 137 yards and a pass in the 14 pass 9. In his time, the jet fleet was in the lead. Under his leadership, the jet team got two series of attacks in the first half. The first attack helped Nick Falk (Nick Folk) into a free kick. Then in the second section, Smith and Jess - amalo (Jace Amaro) partner completed the relay array. Michael Vick (Michael Vick) in this game also excelled in 5 he won 35 and 4 yards and Eric - Dekker (Eric Decker) hand Catching a touchdown. Vic's performance at the training camp and in the pre - season shows his importance to the jet fleet. He was beginning to guide and spur Smith, to become his solid. He finished the task round and round, and at the same time he achieved 14 years of a new Smith, which was different from the past. Smith, a self confident quarterback, has also become a team leader in second years of growth. This time the official announcement that he was the first player was a greater encouragement for him. As Football League becomes more and more negative today, Smith's growth has become particularly valuable. Organizers also want him to grow into an excellent quarterback. , for the jets fans, 2014 will be an exciting year. The attack of the jet will be more aggressive and more goals will be obvious. The jet team's last pre-season match will be against the Philadelphia hawks, and it will also be the last season, which will not see the first half players who are careful and avoid injuries.The official website of NFL |2015 season in the National League West looking | football impression in the National League West, the defense is the tradition of welcoming sanguinariness. After 7 wins and 2010 season with division champions, 2013 season sweep of the league, and the Seahawks Dynasty started to take shape, the NL West to this year, but tasted the life change radically, they will usher in the new season of ups and downs? Seattle Seahawks is confident: the Seahawks star's personal characteristics and ability has no need to repeat, but we can talk about their team building strategy. The team should look like is: one, general manager and coach the same direction but do not interfere with each other, Peter Carol and John Schneider had unbelievable understanding in the selection, Schneider never join Carol on the tactical point. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-????????????-??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Three, very united, the Seahawks are always willing to choose some college players as leaders to ensure the dressing room, the locker room last year cut Percy HARVIN showed cancer - Seahawks determination. Four, become an independent school system, the Seahawks cornerback model to lead the whole alliance trend, lead to a cornerback talent worth soared, but the other team never looks in and quietly dongshixiaopin, the Seahawks in the three or four round pick nobodies, plug and play. In view of this, have a good team building strategy is still the Seahawks league's most stable team, most close to the new dynasty after the patriot. : carp, worrying when Russell Okun was injured smooth edges, Marx Angell was sent to the South as part of J.R., Ipswich and Justin Britt proved that the Seahawks in draft does not always do the right decision, the Seahawks once encountered defensive front tough team, both in the road passing or attack could the oppressed. But it's just a fault. After all, the earth knows that Wilson and Lynch are not too dependent on the offensive front. unknown factors: the clock back seven months, the annals of the super bowl, steals the Seattle people heartbroken, Carol made a tactical choice of career is the worst, but if Werwilson pass goal is not Ricardo Locket, but a reliable red kill? Almost immediately to rob the Seahawks traded for Jimmy Graham. The Seahawks lacked receivers and lack of proximal Feng, Graham is the two decathlon. With the same style of Doug Baldwin Jermaine - the gentle, generous to put it in recent Haiying Kevin Norwood to Panther poverty, but the fact is really so? Baldwin is not the Superman and gifted, and most Wilson familiarity will allow them to complete the match, but Graham just.

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