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After being cut off by Philadelphia hawk last month, , Evan Mathis, is still unnoticed. It seems that he will not play for the Saint Louis ram this season. is reported to have no intention of signing Mathis. The team wants to "grow up with the young players of the attacking frontline" this season, if this is their plan, the RAM will certainly have a younger offensive front. Left guard Roger Safford (Rodger Saffold) will enter his sixth season, but left Jiefeng Greg - Robinson (Greg Robinson) to enter his second season, in the past two seasons played a total of 10 games, Barrett - Jones (Barrett Jones) will serve as the starting center for the first time. After selecting four attacking players in the draft, the rookie may let the rookie be the first right and right-wing front. It may take a while for to cooperate with the front line. This may affect the first time that the tea cheap nfl jerseys free shipping m has scored the top 20 opportunities in scoring since the 2006 season, but this is not enough to worry them, so that they can introduce Mathis.The official website of NFL | pirates and defensive end Ayers signed 3 years | football 's first round show, defensive end forward Robert Ayers (Robert Ayers) decided to join Tampa Bay pirates. The two sides agreed on a 3 - year, 21 million -, 10 million 500 thousand - guaranteed contract. Ayers, who is 30 years old, has played a great role in the New York giants last season. He is also a self run guard Doug Martin Pirates (Doug Martin), J.R. (J.R. Sweezy guard) and swezy cornerback Brent Grimes (Brent Grimes) is one of the most important signings after. over the past two seasons, Ayers has completed 14.5 escapement and another 49 capture, which is a rare highlight of the giant defense team. Last season, he only fought 12 games with an ankle injury, but he still hit a new highland for 9.5 escapement and 11 lost numbers. Before joining the giants, Ayers played for the Denver Mustang.concluded with Sunday's game, Dominic seems to Ruiaola (Dominic Raiola) does not need to calm. Detroit lion's center played a few rude movements in the competition to bring the new England patriot defender Zach - Moore (Zach Moore) out of the field. Although Moore was not injured after the game. patriots coach Bebber - Bailey (Bill Belichick) in chick after expressing their thoughts: "this seems to have 14 years of occupation career old player never beat the patriots." on Tuesday Ruiaola answered Bailey his words: "not many people defeated them, so I don't care what he said, I didn't get it when the same thing, I just go to the end of the game." After a few days, was fined 10000 dollars Ruiaola alliance, he said: "I don't know what is it, I never regret living together. Of course I didn't try to hurt anyone. "in his criticism of Bill management two days later, Marcel Daliusi - (Marcell Dareus) changed the tone. on Saturday after the end of the training, to meet with the buffalo Daliusi media, he relented worry unhappy between Bill and management. When asked whether he would consider signing the contract privilege label in 2016, Daliusi said. "I will sign this contract. ... if that's the decision they think about. " Daliusi later said he does not need well hole Su (Ndamukong Suh Adama) as a $114 million contract for 6 years. "I just want to be right," said daliusi. "Like everyone." But the game is not like everyone daliusi. He has made 28 escapement in the last four seasons, including the 10 capture of his career in the last season. Although Bill is confident the alliance may have the most frightening defensive attack, if not 331 pounds Daliusi midfield block opponent punches the ball route they couldn't easily so confident. Daliusi have loyalty. No matter how upset the management of the negotiations is, the current renewal negotiations, they should not prevent the general manager, Doug Wiley, from issuing a reasonable renewal offer for Doug Whaley. Daliusi publicly expressed their willingness to sign the contract privilege label is a good attitude to him and the team, which may let both sides to maintain the elegant attitude in the negotiations. "we all know how I feel. We all know the feeling of the team, "said daliusi. "I want to be part of buffalo Bill. I want to be part of the history that we will create here. But at the same time, it's a business, and we have to go through negotiations like anyone else in their careers. So we will do our best to continue the negotiations. "

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